Exclusive Interview with Stacy Washington: ‘If You Take One Step Toward God, He Comes All the Rest of the Way to Us’

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In an exclusive interview with Christian News Journal, Stacy Washington—host of “Stacy on the Right” on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125, co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, and board member of Veterans for Trump—said that during the most trying times over the past year, she prayed to God to change her and help her.

“And He did. He changed my circumstances, and through doing that, He changed me,” she told editor Corine Gatti-Santillo for CNJ’s new video series, “Three Questions.”

This happened in ways she could not have imagined, Washington said.

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The decorated Air Force veteran and co-chairwoman of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research said God’s divine intervention, coupled with her faith in the Lord, helped open her eyes to so much of “the misinformation” that’s out there in the culture today. And her faith, she said, helped ground her during the divisive and difficult times of massive political and civil unrest in this country, not to mention the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

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“We have a unique situation here,” she said. In America, “we are so used to our freedoms … to the level of civility we enjoy, to the safety, the liberty … [and] last year was the first time, as least for me as an adult, when I felt that nothing was right. But God was present in all of it.”

She revealed the faith journey she took.

“I asked the Lord to change me and He changed my circumstances,” she explained. “And through changing my circumstances, He changed me—and now I have a different outlook on how things are ordered and what my priorities are. That actually gave me a lot of peace during this time,” she added, “so that I’m able to encourage other people. And it’s not that I don’t feel fear or that I’m not discouraged [during the hard times], but it’s not anywhere near the level I feel like it would have been had I not been doing a few specific things before we entered into this time.”

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Washington cited the rock-solid wisdom of our elders—“Bible before breakfast”—as a handy, daily tip for all of us to practice and stay rooted in our faith, no matter what is thrown at us.

“I can tell you it sounds so simple, but it is the one thing the enemy doesn’t want you doing—[and that’s] reading your Bible every day.” 

She advises a daily, calendar-based Bible reading practice, something she herself is engaging in right now, as guided by a faith mentor she happened upon—something else that she prayed to God to find, she said.  

The Bible she uses, Washington explained, contains prayers “for our nation, our leaders, our citizens, our moms, our dads.” It also contains a specific Bible reading for each day of the year.

She stressed the regular practice of engaging in prayer and worship, since “God heals us. He elevates our mind. He takes our cares and worries away.”

Washington noted that other people around us “need prayer” and need help—and are often in far worse circumstances that we ourselves are, despite what we may think.

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By getting outside ourselves and thinking of others, each of us learns that “I have something in my life that is encouraging to [another person]—and that person, in turn, has something” in his or her life that “is encouraging to me.”

“When we show up at Bible study, [God] will provide that opportunity” to us, she said, “and that’s how we grow and stay encouraged.”

She also stressed, “We have to find books to encourage ourselves and strengthen ourselves.”

The Bible urges us to gain “insight and discernment,” she noted—and Washington shared inspiring advice for maintaining the regular practice of reading in order to gain as much wisdom as possible. That includes “how to respond” to what’s going on around us in the culture, the country, and the world.

“We have to know how to grow in wisdom … so that we can be encouraged and strengthened.”

“If you take one step toward God, He comes all the rest of the way toward us … He is our Father.”

Forthright, articulate, and principled, Washington—a nationally known pro-life advocate and speaker—also discussed today’s cancel culture, Black Lives Matter, President Joe Biden, and more.

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This article is by Maureen Mackey. She is a writer, editor, and web content strategist, as well as a regular contributor to Christian News Journal.

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