This Adorable Baby Videobombed His Mom’s On-Air Weather Report—and We All Understood!

Today’s working moms and dads have to roll with the punches. Especially now. Especially at a time of COVID-driven work-from-home imperatives.

It’s called patience. Or practicality. Or “parenting, because that’s what parents do.”

So when a meteorologist in California was doing her live on-air weather report from home and her tiny toddler made his presence known—we got it. We were there with her. And we totally appreciate how she handled the moment for all to see.  

Leslie Lopez was giving her on-air weather report yesterday for an ABC News affiliate in Los Angeles when her nine-month-old son, Nolan, suddenly wanted to be in the picture.

He lunged toward his mom right into the live shot—and when he reached her, he wrapped himself around her legs. He just wanted to be with Mom. And she understood.

Check out this video to see what happened—and to see how this mom made the best of the unexpected interruption.

Not only is Lopez getting kudos all over the internet for how she rolled with everything—now Nolan is a media star, too.

“He walks now, guys,” Lopez told her audience with a warm, understanding smile. “So, I’ve lost all control.”

Check out some of the reaction from Americans all over the country to the unexpected and adorable baby-in-the-live-shot experience.

Every work-from-home parent has experienced his or her own example of this—and the larger lesson for all those trying to be superhuman, both as parents and employees, is simple.

Be yourself.

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You might have an important video meeting with a boss or with a client. Do all you can to set things up as best you can—and then, if there’s glitch, a hitch, or an interruption, roll with it.

Make accommodations. Make allowances. Make things up later as needed.

Most people will understand.

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You might have a staff meeting that’s long been scheduled. Again, do your best to set things up optimally—and then, if there’s a glitch, a hitch, or an interruption, roll with it.

Kids are kids. Babies are babies. They need their parents.

The work gets done. The best managers and superiors understand that. And the best working parents know it better than anyone.

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This article was written by Maureen Mackey. She is a writer, editor, and digital content strategist.

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