Achieve Fit Living: Six Foundational Habits of Health

By Jill Noble

by Danielle Dolin

Death came early for my dad. At just 40 years old, he died of a massive heart attack in our living room. That horrific event shaped my young and tender life in multiple ways.

Among other things, I grew up to care passionately for the health and well-being of others. I pursued college degrees related to health, and I worked in wellness clinics, with sports teams, and in the field of corporate wellness.

My dad was an entrepreneur who was hard-wired to work hard. He smoked a lot, slept little, and worked sitting at his desk for 10-12 hours a day. I recall him drinking a lot of Pepsi but never a plain ‘ole glass of water. I remember the large bowl of melted butter near his dinner plate that he dipped his fish into and the Schwan’s deep friend items that filled our deep freezer. He did enjoy golfing, always utilizing a cart and caddy.

In my almost 20 years of serving clients in the health and fitness realm as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I have sought to help others in their efforts to achieve fit living and “put more life in their years.” I’ve developed a six-habit system for achieving fit living. These six foundational habits of health, deepened and repeated for life, aid toward the goal of increasing optimal wellness over the course of a lifetime.

These six habits of health are:

  1. Move and Lift Daily
  2. Hydrate Often
  3. Eat Well
  4. Sleep More
  5. Nurture Your Soul
  6. Renew Your Mind

The implementation of small changes may have led to health habits for my dad and the opportunity to live a longer, fuller life.

Do you desire more “life in your years”? Are you wanting to attain better health for yourself and your loved ones? Watch for upcoming articles detailing each of the six habits of health that you can begin to apply or deepen your application of this year!


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