Exclusive Interview With Alveda King: In Toughest Times, We Must ‘Have a Desire’ To Connect With God

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In an exclusive interview with Christian News Journal, Alveda King—faith leader, trailblazer, author, and host of the Fox Nation show “Alveda King’s House” said we must “have a desire” to connect with God in a personal way, as well as read the Bible and pray every day.

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“I was trained by a faith pastor, Pastor Alan McNair,” she told editor Corine Gatti-Santillo in an exclusive new audio interview for CNJ’s “Three Questions” series. “I joined a church called Believers’ Bible Christian Church in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1987. And during his lifetime, until he left the planet in 2015, [Pastor McNair] encouraged all of us who would agree with him to read the Bible every day, to pray every day. “

“That really helped me,” she said, “to become focused and connected to God in ways that I had not been.”

As she also explained, “I was raised by Baptist preachers. My daddy, Rev. Dr. A.D. King; my grandfather, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Sr.; and my uncle, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—they were all giants in the faith of God. So I was born into a [faith-focused] family. And I went to church every Sunday. But my relationship with God did not become personal until 1983, when I was a born-again Christian.”

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She said that by reading the Bible and praying every day, she gets “answers from heaven” on how to live here on Earth. “That’s me personally.”

“We have to, at first, just acknowledge that there’s somebody bigger than us who made us—and then begin to have a desire to connect” with God, she also said.

Alveda King, who has spoken to CNJ previously, addressed the challenges of today’s cancel culture as well—and how “frustrating” and “unfortunate” it is. “The cancel culture itself doesn’t want to be cancelled—but it wants to cancel everything else,” she said.

But we must all “talk about the difficult issues” today with those around us, she said—and reminded listeners of her August 2020 book, “We’re Not Colorblind: Healing the Racial Divide,” with Ginger Howard.

She noted emphatically that in today’s America, “Racism is real … There is systemic racism … [But] the way you get rid of that is to say, We are human beings. We are one race. We have different ethnicities, different body types, different body sizes, different bank accounts or lack of bank accounts,” she added. “All of those things can be different.” But we are of “one blood,” according to the Bible, she stressed.

“Nobody’s skin looks like a piece of white paper. Nobody’s skin looks like the black leather jacket,” she also said. “You have blues and magentas and purples in that beautiful ebony-colored skin. And then in the skin that looks more like ivory or something like that—even the palest skin still has some color in it. So we are all people of color.”

Alveda King also revealed her biggest concerns about the Biden administration—adding that she prays for every political leader and every person in authority “everywhere.”

The inspiring Ms. King serves as executive director and pastoral associate of Civil Rights for the Unborn with Priests for Life. She is also founder of Alveda King Ministries.

She has several new books on the way as well—see her website for these and other details.

Listen to CNJ’s full revealing interview with Alveda King here.

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