Christian Persecution Highest In Countries Run By Islam

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Christian persecution in Afghanistan

Christian Persecution By Islamists At All-Time High

Islamists are the group most responsible for Christian persecution in 2021, according to Open Doors’ 2021 World Watch List, which tracks Christian persecution across the globe and ranks countries by threat to Christianity. Furthermore, Afghanistan unseated North Korea as the number one country for Christian persecution. This is the first time in 20 years that North Korea has been unseated from the number one spot. Additionally, six of the top 10 countries on the list were all places for Islamic oppression of Christians, making Islamists responsible for the majority of Christian persecution in the world.

However, the list also revealed that communist countries are still responsible for large amounts of Christian persecution. In the report, three of the top 20 countries with the worst Christian persecution were communist. In addition to North Korea, which ranked number 2 on the list, China and Vietnam ranked 17 and 19 respectively. 

But of the top 20 countries responsible for the most Christian persecution in 2021, Islamists were responsible for 13 of the top 20 countries and 3 of the top 5 countries with Christian persecution. Further, according to Open Doors, it is impossible to live as a Christian in Afghanistan because the Christian persecution by the Islamist regime is so rampant and dangerous.

How President Biden Pulling Out Of Afghanistan Led To Unprecedented Christian Persecution

When Biden pulled out of Afghanistan in 2021, he left the country rife for The Taliban, a traditionalist Islamic group, to take swiftly over. Now, according to Open Doors, the Taliban has not only made Christianity illegal, but locks up Christians in psych wards, since their new Islam laws say that leaving Islam is considered “insanity.” Further, in many cases, Christian converts’ families will kill them as a form of “justice” for leaving the Islamic faith. If they are not killed, at minimum their families disown them, abandon them, and maybe even report them to the state. This is also required by The Taliban’s new Islam laws, which ushered in the unprecedented Christian persecution in the region.

However, Afghanistan had been ranked the second country for Christian persecution for several years, meaning it was still an anti-Christian country before Biden pulled out. But the complete takeover by the Taliban in 2021 is what enabled the Taliban to exact complete control of the region and drive Christian persecution to disturbing levels.

How The Taliban Shows Islam Is A Violent Religion That Seeks Christian Persecution

The Talban’s ideology originates from the Deobandi Islamic School of thought, a Sunni tradition that focuses on returning to the roots of Islam and reviving the traditional practices enacted in the early years of the religion. According to Global Security, a thinktank specializing in global military readiness and threats to global security, the Deobandi Muslims seek “to emulate the life and times of Prophet Mohammed.” 

Global Security states about Deobandi Islam: “For the last 200 years, Sunnis often have looked to the example of the Deoband madrassa (religious school) near Delhi, India. The Deobandi school has long sought to purify Islam by discarding supposedly un-Islamic accretions to the faith and reemphasizing the models established in the Koran and the customary practices of the Prophet Mohammed. Additionally, Deobandi scholars often have opposed what they perceive as Western influences.”

As the historical record shows, Muhammad was a strong supporter of Christian persecution. The Islamic religious and traditional texts in addition to the Koran tell the stories of Muhammad’s orders to kill Christians and Jews. Muhammad also passed down a command from Allah that claimed it is fine to rape married women if you have captured them in conquest. This command came after Muslim men who took over a city were uneasy about having sex with married women in the presence of their husbands. These stories are preserved in the hadith, or collection of writings documenting Muhammad’s life.

Today, in addition to Christian persecution, The Taliban also actively participate in the sex slave industry and Taliban leadership is known to rape and abuse captured sex slaves. They will have patrols that go around capturing women that will later be used as sex slaves for Taliban leadership.

Based off the history of Islam preserved by its own documents, it is clear the Taliban is continuing in the tradition of Islam by engaging in rampant Christian persecution and sex slavery.

– John Paluska, CNJ Staff


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