Exclusive Interview with Franklin Graham: ‘Our Freedom Comes from God’

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Franklin Graham

In an exclusive interview with Christian News Journal for its new video series, “Three Questions,” Franklin Graham—president of Samaritan’s Purse and one of our nation’s most prominent faith leaders—said that while times may change and situations may change, “God doesn’t change.”

That is a beauty and a blessing—and all Christians must stay true to God’s word, he urged, no matter what we’re going through, no matter what challenges we’re enduring.

“God is the same today, yesterday, tomorrow, forever—He doesn’t change. Things around us may change, but God doesn’t change. And we want to stay faithful to His word … We cannot compromise on God’s word.”

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In addition, all Christians should “let our light shine” for a dark world to see.

“When we read the Word of God,” Graham told CNJ editor Corine Gatti-Santillo, “we have to apply His Word to our life.”

“The Word of God is a living book. It’s alive. And as we read it and study it, God speaks to our hearts and He touches our hearts.”

He acknowledged that today, so many millions of people are losing hope—given the plague of the coronavirus, the lockdowns, the job losses, and so many related complications. Americans have had a very trying time of late. Yet as Christians and as believers, said Graham, we have hope.

“We know that God doesn’t abandon those that He loves … He’s with us every step of the way … Our hope is in Him. It’s not in Republicans or Democrats, or in the next government giveaway check … Jesus is the only one to take our sins.”

And God “will forgive our sins and heal our hearts—and give us eternal life.”

“When I have hope, I know where I’m going,” he added. “I’m not afraid of the future. And I know that my future is in the hands of God.”

Graham addressed the dangerous encroachment on our freedoms today, from so many corners of society.

“Our freedom comes from God,” Graham reminded us. “It doesn’t come from Donald Trump, it doesn’t come from Joe Biden. It comes from God … So whatever position we’re in [during] this life, we want to be faithful to God.”

Samaritan’s Purse ran two hospitals during this time of COVID-19, one in North Carolina and one in L.A. County. Graham said his organization believes in taking all proper precautions against the virus—but that it’s not going to hide, not going to hold back in helping others at this time of need.

“And we respond in Jesus’ name, in the middle of this crisis.”

Watch CNJ’s exclusive interview with Franklin Graham here.

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This article is by Maureen Mackey. She is a writer, editor, and digital content strategist.

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