How to Pray Blessings Over Your Infants or Toddlers

By Akosua Frempong, Ph.D.

by Danielle Dolin

As a Christian parent, praying blessings over your children is crucial. To put it simply, it gives them an advantage in life. Praying blessings that are God’s will for them ensures that they experience those blessings in their lives, and you can, in turn, enjoy the blessings of seeing those fruits in their lives.


To pray blessings over your children, you can include these essential activities in your and your child’s daily routine.

  • You could read Scriptures with them every day. Then, based on what you see in the Scriptures as God’s promises of blessings you pray and claim them for your children. Remember that God keeps His promises. You should declare those promises you read in the Bible over your children and expect to see them manifest in their lives.
  • You could read and pray from Bible-based books.You could buy these from reputable Christian bookstores. These books can guide you on what prayers to pray daily. These prayer guides are excellent resources that present ways to pray specific blessings over your children based on Scripture. They are beneficial.
  • You should then believe. The key to praying God’s promises, Word, and blessings over your children is in believing. When you pray the blessings of God over your children, you should have faith that you’ll see them happen. Praying and not believing does no one any good. But when you pray and have faith, you will see the manifestation and be peaceful between the time you pray the Word and see the blessings manifest.


The types of blessings you can pray over your children are manifold. However, to start, the following prayer topics are especially essential: prayers related to health and development, education, and relationships.

  • You should pray for your children’s health and development. As an infant or toddler, health and development are especially important because children might be unable to tackle health challenges like adults. Moreover, they have several developmental milestones to hit to develop into healthy and whole adults. Your prayers in the area of their health and development will be beneficial to your kids.
  • You should pray for their education. Children can begin their educational journey from about three to when they complete college and graduate studies. During that time, they must excel and ensure their education and academic pursuits glorify God. Praying for your children’s education will help them successfully navigate their academics, no matter the challenges.
  • You should pray about their relationships. Finally, relationships are particularly crucial for children. The right friends will lead them in the right way. As parents, we can help our children choose their friends wisely. As Scripture states, those who walk with the wise will become wise (Proverbs 13:20). But this often should start with prayers, and God will give us the wisdom to help our children make quality choices regarding relationships and friendships. Moreover, since bad company corrupts good character (1st Corinthians 15:33), we must pray for our children regarding their relationships.

Furthermore, you might not need to place your hands over your children’s heads to pray blessings over them. It might simply be setting time aside every day to pray for them or with them, to read the Word of God together, and pray those promises over them to their hearing. You could also pray these prayers during your personal prayer time.

Whichever way you choose to pray blessings over your children, remember that that’s one of the best things you can do for your children to ensure that God’s will comes to pass in their lives.

Akosua Frempong, Ph.D., is a freelance journalist with the Evangelical Press Association. She has worked in journalism on three continents. As part of her journalism experience, she has worked as a broadcast journalist, anchor, and producer. Dr. Frempong is an adjunct journalism professor at Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Moreover, she is the founder of Listening Ear Communications, a company that provides excellent, professional journalism to various news media organizations and publications.

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