Logan Sekulow Says True ‘Freedom Lives Beyond My Backyard’ with New Patriotic Summer Anthem

by christiannewsjournal

Just in time for Memorial Day, Logan Sekulow is releasing the rousing new Country/Southern Rock single, “Freedom Lives Beyond My Backyard.” The ultimate patriotic Summer anthem celebrates freedom and our return to post-pandemic American life, and the companion music video emphasizes the fun and tongue-in-cheek nature of the song itself. 

The music video releases today, exclusively at BackyardSong.com. The single will be available in the coming days at iTunes, Spotify and other digital outlets. 

While most Americans have been sequestered for the last year, Logan decided that it was time to inject America with a healthy reminder of what this country has to offer. 

“The country has reopened so let’s get out and explore again,” says Logan. “We finally have the opportunity to see this wonderful country, our friends and families beyond a Zoom screen. The ’new normal’ isn’t normal at all. True freedom lives beyond our backyard!”

The music video, filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, features an unforgettable appearance by actor and pro-wrestler, James Storm.

Logan Sekulow is best known as a host for the long-running and nationally syndicated daily radio and streaming program, Sekulow, as well as The Logan Sekulow ReProgram, the fast-rising podcast that celebrates our country and the freedoms that it provides. The show has welcomed big name guests for exclusive interviews, including John Rich, Stryper frontman Michael Sweet, The Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville star John Schneider.

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