Amy Grant Undergoes Surgery to Fix Heart Condition

by christiannewsjournal

Christian music mainstay and longtime Nashvillian Amy Grant is recovering after having open heart surgery on Wednesday to correct a lifelong heart condition.

Grant revealed to fans in February that she has a heart condition called partial anomalous pulmonary venous return. She’s had the condition (PAPVR) since birth, but it was only recently discovered by her doctor.

Publicist Velvet Kelm told the Associated Press that the surgery “couldn’t have gone better,” according to Grant’s doctor.

Fans were alerted to Grant’s surgery Wednesday morning via a post on the singer’s official Facebook page. 

“With all that is going on in our world that needs our collective prayer, please also join us in praying for Amy this week as she has heart surgery to correct her PAPVR condition.”

When she revealed her condition via social media, Grant gave credit to her doctor, John Bright Cage, who urged her to go through “a battery of tests” due to her father’s heart history.

“The first good news is that I am completely asymptomatic,” she wrote.

“The second good news is that it’s fixable, so instead of concerts and camping trips this summer, I am going to take care of my heart.”

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