Olympic Transgender Testosterone Levels, Trans Weightlifter, and Trials Protester Gwen Berry

by christiannewsjournal

There are three things addressed below by Steve McConkey, President of 4 WINDS USA, a worldwide sports ministry. “Laurel Hubbard’s participation is being protested throughout the world,” stated McConkey. “If transgenders are not stopped totally, they will be emboldened to compete on a greater scale. The physical advantages of transgender athletes cannot be reversed despite what some scientists say.”

  1. Testosterone levels will be lowered to 5 nanomoles instead of 10, making it tougher for transgenders to compete. This will be done after the Tokyo Olympics this summer (women testosterone levels average from 0.3 to 2.4 and men start at 9.2).

    Intersex athletes (not transgender) already had their levels lowered to 5 nanomoles in events from the 400 meters through the mile run. That eliminated intersex athletes that dominated some women events. At the 2016 Olympics, all medals in the women’s 800 meters were won by intersex athletes.

    “We were the only ones standing publicly against transgenders in the Olympics in 2003,” states McConkey. “After the Olympic Committee implemented their policies, the transgender movement spread to high schools, the NCAA, and pro sports. Transgenders need to be eliminated from sports altogether, but lowering the testosterone levels is a good start.”
  2. New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will be the first openly transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics. Hubbard, claiming to be a woman, has the potential to win an Olympic weightlifting medal.
  3. Olympian Gwen Berry, American female hammer thrower, turned away from the American flag during the national anthem at the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. Protests cannot be done at the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, but were allowed at the U.S. Trials.

    “In 2016, we were the only ones speaking out against President Obama honoring 1968 Olympic protesters John Carlos and Tommie Smith,” states McConkey. “They were honored as Obama had the 2016 Olympic team at the White House. During the event, Obama raised a clinched fist just like the protesters did on the medal stand at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. This sent out a bad message that gave strength to the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and athletes like Gwen Berry.”

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Founded in 1988, 4 WINDS USA (4 Winds Christian Athletics) is a worldwide sports ministry, changing from track and field only to all sports in 2013 (4WindsUSA.com). Starting in world-class track and field ministries in 1981, Steve and Liz McConkey have worked through nine Olympics.

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