Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo Begin Shooting New Movie Together

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God's Not Dead

GOD’S NOT DEAD co-stars Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo are set to star in a new movie about adoption called CHOSEN. 

JCFilms will produce the project, which started filming on Jun. 22. 

“This summer, JCFilms will be producing an adoption film called CHOSEN that will be the 30th film the ministry has created. Except, this one is different,” the JCFilms website reads

Cain is set to star in several movies produced by JCFilms, including a series that tackles human trafficking.

Movieguide previously reported

Dean Cain announced that The Lifeboat Project and JCFilms would partner on an upcoming series of movies addressing human trafficking. 

The project reportedly includes three movies under the series title NOT FOR SALE: AMERICA. The upcoming movie is called NOT FOR SALE: FLORIDA. 

According to JCFilms, all 30 of the studio’s movies include at least one actor of faith. 

“We normally highlight a prominent faith actor in each of our films,” President of JCFilms, Jason Campbell, said. “This time we have two iconic Christian film actors, and it was fairly simple. We just shared our vision in wanting to make a film that will change and benefit the lives of children. That message was received by actors Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo.”

JCFilms will partner with The Crown Studios to create a hub of Christian and faith-filled movies. 

“CHOSEN is a multi-plot movie that was created to empower people of faith to get involved. On any given day in Ohio, nearly 16,000 children are being cared for in foster care. This number is expected to increase as the number of foster parents are decreasing,” the website reads. “CHOSEN does highlight the beauty of adoption and foster parenting, but it also shows challenges many adoptive and foster parents endure. It is a depiction on how communities and people of faith come together to help and support these many challenges.”

Proceeds and donations to and from the film CHOSEN go directly to support Helping Hands – Ohio. Helping Hands – Ohio is a newly formed non-profit designed to provide parents and children in foster care or adoption situations with programs that promote safety, permanency and community.

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