Public Advocate Posts Interview With Senator Dick Black, Jon Tigges, Arrested for Singing Star Spangled Banner

Standing in front of the Loudoun County School Administration building in Loudoun County, Virginia, on Thursday July 1, Public Advocate President, Eugene Delgaudio, interviews two participants from the raucous June 22 Public Hearing that resulted in the arrest on trespassing charges for Jon Tigges.

“We spoke about education standards and the School Board was not interested and the School Board evacuated when parents applauded speakers who embraced high education standards,” Conservative Leader Jon Tigges says. “Then I sang, along with the whole crowd, the Star Spangled Banner. Then we started sharing and listening to each other as we presented our case in public even with the school board absent.”

Senator Dick Black is the dynamic speaker number 70 during the public testimony requested by the School Board and explains how he presented his case to the school board that they were operating outside the law and that they had been caught red handed by citizens in tracking them down and attacking them during two twenty minute segments.

Black explains how things got to this point where racism is institutionalized and teachers are being ordered to lie to children in Loudoun County, and throughout the nation, about gender and Godly values. Regarding the disproportionate overreaction of the leftist school board, “the school board was intimidated by the peaceful passion of patriots who sang the Star Spangled Banner with enthusiasm.”

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-CNJ Staff Reports

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