Israeli Civilians Face Rocket Attack in Some of Worst Fighting Since 2014

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Fearful residents of Israel’s major coastal city, Tel Aviv, took cover in bomb shelters and elsewhere as Palestinian terrorists aimed a nearly nonstop barrage of rockets at Israeli civilians for the second night in a row on Tuesday evening.

Multiple outlets are reporting that air raid sirens sounded on Tuesday night, stopped—then started again as “loud booms were heard inside the bomb shelters,” as Breitbart noted.

“Children cried as parents tried to comfort them during the rocket attack—an event far more common in Israel’s southern border towns,” the same outlet reported.

The latest confrontations have taken place over the last four days or so.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night vowed retaliation.

He said Hamas and Islamic Jihad “have paid, and will pay, a heavy price” for the violence.

He also warned that the fighting would go on for some time yet.

“This campaign will take time, with determination, unity and strength,” Netanyahu said.

AsThe New York Post reported, “Hamas said it launched 130 rockets in retaliation for an Israeli strike earlier Tuesday that leveled a high-rise building in Gaza housing the offices of top Hamas officials.”

It also noted, “Israel had launched airstrikes after Hamas and other Islamic jihadists bombarded multiple Israel targets.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden told officials to relay advice about “de-escalation” to senior Israeli and Palestinian leaders as well as to others, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday.

She also said, in part, “The president’s support for Israel’s security, for its legitimate right to defend itself and its people, is fundamental and will never waver.”

See these tweets with more reaction, including from former President Donald J. Trump:

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