Harmeet Dhillon Blasts Big Tech Censorship, Sheds Light on Possible Future Litigation

In a recent interview with Jeff Brain on the CloutHub Show, leading free speech attorney Harmeet Dhillon outlined the legislative challenges with Big Tech, arguing that social media giants are doing more to please foreign governments than American consumers.  

“These companies have been allowed to become so big and dominate so many different sectors … they have bigger markets outside of the United States than in the United States,” Dhillon said, noting that Tech giants have catered their product to foreign consumer bases. “So you are seeing those foreign norms that are not free speech oriented being imposed here in the United States. That’s problematic.”  

Dhillon also noted that a recent report from Judicial Watch revealing alleged coordination between California government officials and Twitter could spark future litigation.  

“Executives in the California government worked directly with Twitter executives to remove not only posts that they disagreed with regarding the election, but individuals who did not have a history of violating their rules,” she said.  

“You are now straying into government action in coordination with private companies — that is a federal civil rights violation,” she added.  

Watch the full interview here.  

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