Proposed California Bill Says Both Sexes Can Menstruate

By Brittany Stewart

by Danielle Dolin

Proposing Bills to the United States Government seems as flamboyant as a circus production in Drag, and as easy as drawing a stick figure with a crayon. Of course, that stick figure must be without a gender to be considered.

Its stories like these, real stories, that make me question the intelligence of humanity. They also give rise to a righteous anger that all Christians should bear. The world as we know it has been flipped upside down, but our Faith should remain steadfast, and convictions lead to action.

On February 27th, 2024, California politicians proposed another bill that erases women. Taking out the words “woman” and “female” and replacing them with “person” in a bill regarding providing contraceptives and menstrual products in prisons. Rejecting basic science. Why? Because were all aliens – didn’t you know?

Assembly members Isaac Bryan (D-Culver City) and Mia Bonta (D-Oakland) recently introduced AB 1810, a bill that “disregards biological facts by insisting that both men and women inmates need feminine products and birth control. This insistence that biology doesn’t determine sex is becoming a trend in legislation supported by both parties.”

AB 1810 seeks to erase what a woman is by requiring menstrual products and birth control in jails and prisons for both males and females. It states, “A person incarcerated in state prison who menstruates or experiences uterine or vaginal bleeding to, upon request, have access to, be allowed to use, and continue to use materials necessary for personal hygiene with regard to their menstrual cycle and reproductive system, including, but not limited to, sanitary pads and tampons.”

And “A person incarcerated in state prison who is capable of becoming pregnant shall, upon request, have access to, and be allowed to obtain, contraceptive counseling and their choice of birth control methods, subject to the provisions of subdivision (b), unless medically contraindicated.”

Last I checked both theology and science agreed that the only people who can menstruate and become pregnant are female.

So, why change the verbiage then? Is there a purpose to push the transgender movement under the guise of equality? Yes. Are their transgender women menstruating or getting pregnant while they are mixed in with other male prisoners? Yes. Seems contradictory to science and theology and a safe prison system. Because biologically, transgender women are females. They are menstruating within the confines of a male prison system and having sexual intercourse, weather voluntary or involuntary, with men; which is how humans procreate. The circus forgot this fact of life. It is NOT rocket science. And this mingling because of the pushed, blurred definition of female and male is putting lives in danger – even the unborn lives of babies in utero.

But it gets better. I hope you can recognize the cynicism in my tone. I just can’t offer this story without it. Section 221 applies to juveniles. Yes, these are children under the age of 18. Not female children or male children, but persons under the age of 18.

Every time the term “woman” or “female” is replaced with the term “person”, the transgender movement gains momentum. It’s like a snowball rolling down a slippery slope and then crashing so that all the women are buried. Soon, women will be erased entirely. Feminists should be outraged, but they’re not. Out of fear of not being “inclusive”, even the proudest women are silent. Christians need to stand up. Brave politicians need to be present. The call for action is now.

The bill authors Bryan and Bonta argue “AB 1810 will bring our state closer to menstrual health equity by requiring that menstrual products are free and readily available for all women who need them while incarcerated.”

Contradictory, the California Family Council’s Outreach Director Sophia Lorey testified in opposition and to stand up for the reality of womanhood, saying that “AB 1810 disregards the inherent dignity of women by attempting to obscure obvious biological distinctions between males and females. To vote yes or abstain on this bill further advances the erasure of women and ignores basic biology.”

The bill passed with and 8 to 0 landslide. The words “woman” and “female” have been erased yet again. Just another speed up in the slippery slope of erasing female and male genders from the planet. This insistence that biology doesn’t determine sex is becoming a trend in legislation and supported by both parties. Perhaps, soon these parties will propose a new bill erasing “persons” and replacing it with the term “alien”. It’s obvious, a woman is not a woman any longer. This insanity must stop.

Brittany Stewart, an accomplished writer and educator, draws inspiration from her 23-year marriage and upbringing near Lake Tahoe in Verdi, Nevada, now residing in Tucson, Arizona. With her Bachelor’s degree in Education, emphasizing Native American Literature and Journalism, Brittany is a multifaceted professional who is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is deeply involved in Tucson’s homeschooling community, leading a homeschool group, teaching dance, and offering art classes. She and her family have a homestead in Southern Arizona, where her husband hunts and she tends to the garden, emphasizing the importance of God and family in her life while continually seeking adventure through her travels.

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