Georgia Mom Goes Viral for Plea to School Board: ‘Take These Masks Off My Child’

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Courtney Ann Taylor

A mom of a six-year-old child in Gwinnett County, Ga., is continuing to attract attention for her emotional and well-reasoned plea to school board leaders to end the mask mandate for young children in their district.

Standing at a podium addressing her school community leaders during a meeting on April 15, Courtney Ann Taylor said that very young children in the district have been forced to carry an unfair burden for a very long time because of fears of COVID-19—when the science has shown that young children are not primarily affected by this virus.

“End the mask requirement tonight. Tonight,” she told school leaders.

“Take these masks off my child,” she also said repeatedly.

She explained, “This is not March 2020 anymore. We have three vaccines [in the U.S.]. Every adult in the state of Georgia who wants that vaccine is eligible to get it right now, and every one of us knows that young children are not affected by this virus. They’re not! And that’s a blessing … But we’ve shoved that [blessing] to the side … We don’t care.”

Watch the full clip of her passionate and articulate plea here:

She also said, “We did not vote for people at the CDC. We did elect leaders who do create policy … We chose you to make difficult decisions for our children. We chose you to make decisions that would be in our best interest.”

“This has to stop,” she emphasized.

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Taylor, speaking on Fox News this past Thursday night about her remarks, said she had been waiting for months and months for the mask mandate for young children to end.

A spokesperson confirmed that a mask mandate indeed was still in place and has been since August of 2020, as Newsweek reported.  

Taylor has two other young children.

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The Georgia mom told Fox News in an interview, “It’s really heartbreaking to me … My oldest is in kindergarten and kindergarten is supposed to be fun and they play together. They learn how to play together. They learn social norms and how to solve conflict among themselves and how to read facial expressions from their peers and their teacher. And I don’t see how any of the children can really do that and have a real childhood right now. I think it’s very difficult,” she said.

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