New Images Show the True Extent of Biden’s Border Emergency

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Despites pledges of transparency, the Biden administration is currently not allowing the media to see or report on the facilities in which migrants from Central America and other areas are being kept—but Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe, have managed to release revealing images of some of the facilities.

“Many of those who arrive at the border have traveled north at what they feel is the direct invitation of the Biden administration,” The Post Millennial reported. 

When O’Keefe “tried to access the immigration facility at Donna, Texas, from the ground … he was shooed away,” the outlet also noted. “[So] he took to the air to get a view from above. While he could not shoot inside the facility, he obtained photos that he showed along with footage of the exterior.”

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To put it mildly, it’s not a pretty picture—and there is little or no “social distancing” going on there, something the newly elected president has insisted everyday Americans must continue to practice at a time of COVID.

Desperate young people can be seen sleeping on floors wrapped in foil blankets—and in very close quarters.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) also provided photos of the awful living conditions that currently exist for illegal-immigrant children at a temporary shelter in Texas.

“Replacing the chain-link ‘cages’ used to house young illegal immigrants under the Obama and Trump administrations are clear plastic sheets,” as The New York Post put it.

Biden, during the presidential campaign, had said that all people who seek a home in the United States should come here—that individuals should “immediately surge to the border” and be welcomed in America. Many of those people took him quite literally.

However, in contrast to those earlier remarks, Biden is today saying that immigrants should not come to the United States right now, as the country is not prepared to handle the processing of so many people at once.

The Associated Press, in reporting on the growing Biden border crisis, is noting in part that administration officials “are scrambling” to care for the thousands of migrants who are today in federal custody.

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Facing criticism of numerous aspects of the issue, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday blamed the current media blackout on a “need to maintain social distance” amid the COVID pandemic, as Fox News reported of host Chris Wallace’s Sunday interview with Mayorkas.

Further, in a new interview with Newsmax, former President Donald Trump called Mayorkas “incompetent” and warned that the Biden administration eventually will find itself overwhelmed by the border surge of illegal immigrants.

“He’s incompetent and just mark my words, take a look at what’s going to happen over the next fairly long period of time because they might not be capable of stopping it,” Trump said.

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—By CNJ Staff

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