Video: Teen Carves American Flags to Help Homeless Veterans

by christiannewsjournal
Fourth of July

Lorenzo Liberti, 15, is hand-carving American flags to sell while donating the money to help others, ABC Action News reports. With nothing to do last summer, his dad suggested, “I find a DIY project to keep me occupied. One thing led to another and with a few modifications I created a unique wooden American flag. It looked so cool that my brother and all of my neighbors wanted one too!”

He sure did.

Using pinewood and prodigious talent, Lorenzo works daily in his garage hand-carving Heroic Flags tributes to American heroes.

“As long as you’re living, you’re here for a purpose,” he says.

Lorenzo has raised $7,957 of a $50,000 goal.

“This is what gets me up in the morning and helps me sleep late at night,” he adds.

To help Lorenzo,  click here.

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By Corine Gatti-Santillo

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