Unvaxxed Medical Staffers in New York Are Ousted

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In today’s chaotic, confusing, and highly politicized times, the unvaxxed are out of luck—and now, out of work.

In New York State, the largest private health care provider there, Northwell Health, confirmed to Fox News on Monday that it “had to exit” 1,400 staffers who did not get or who refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

After this “ouster, Northwell’s employees are now 100 percent vaccinated,” Fox News also reported.

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A Northwell spokesperson said in a statement, “Northwell regrets losing any employee under such circumstances, but as health care professionals and members of the largest health care provider in the state, we understand our unique responsibility to protect the health of our patients and each other … We owe it to our staff, our patients, and the communities we serve to be 100 percent vaccinated against COVID-19.”

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New York’s Gov. Kathy Hochul—who took over after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned in August of this year—said at a recent press conference, “To those who have not yet made that decision [to get vaccinated], please do the right thing. A lot of your employers are anxious to just give you the jab in the arm and say you’re part of the family. We need your help to continue on.” 

As Fox News and the Associated Press also reported of certain hospital and nursing home employees in New York, those “who refuse the shots face suspensions and termination.”

In addition, employees who are “terminated because of [their] refusal to get the vaccine are not eligible for unemployment insurance without a doctor-approved request for medical accommodation.”

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A COVID-19 vaccination requirement for teachers and other educational staff members also began this week in New York City’s public school system. Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said that any unvaccinated school employees would be put on unpaid leave.

As of this past Monday morning, ABC News reported, 95 percent of the city’s approximately 148,000 public school staff members had gotten had least one dose of the vaccine, de Blasio noted.

For more information and reaction to these and other related vaccine mandates, see these tweets.

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