The President of Hobby Lobby Says ‘I Feel Blessed to Be an American’

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Hobby Lobby President and founder of the Museum of the Bible, Steve Green, recently penned the inspirational work, This Beautiful Book: An Exploration of the Bible’s Incredible Story Line and Why It Matters Today. The book highlights life-changing themes, numerous stories and ultimately presents a fresh way to engage with Scripture.

The Christian News Journal is thrilled to connect with the leader regarding his faith in the business world, his passion for truth, and the reason a museum centering on the Bible is prospering in mainstream America today. 

CNJ invites you to our discussion with the author and faith leader:

CNJ: Where does your love for the Bible come from? 

SG: My wife and I were both raised in Christian homes, went to church regularly, and attended Christian camps and conferences. Each of these was a part of pointing us to its teaching as a guide for our lives and started our love for the Bible. But what solidified our love was as we saw in our own lives that the Bible’s teaching applied to our marriage, guided us in raising our children, advised us in our finances, informed our business decisions—and finding that in each of these, we were better off when we followed the Bible’s guidance.

We came to believe what we had been taught, the Bible is exactly what it claims to be, God’s word. And while we regularly fail to live up to all its teachings, it has been a great guide for our lives.

CNJ: What part of the Bible has impacted you personally?

SG: The Passover lamb is one example. The life of the lamb in exchange for the life of the Israelites’ firstborn sons. In my book, This Beautiful Book, I try to show the reader that the Bible is a story, and what that story is.

CNJ: Why does the Bible matter today in our modern world?

SG: If the Bible is what it claims to be, as I believe it is, it is a guide for life and, more importantly, it provides the answer to man’s ultimate problem, death. It tells us the only way to resolve the sin problem we inherited at birth, accepting the undeserved gift Jesus offers.

CNJ:  What is your challenge to anyone skeptical about the Bible in this highly-charged culture?

SG: There are many skeptics in our world today. Many will say the Bible is a novel, made up by man. Some will blame it for evils in our day, claiming it is a cause of earth’s wars. I have letters from those making that claim. My challenge is for a person to find out for themselves. I am confident that an honest search for the truth will bear out the Bible’s claims. The evidence for the Bible is incredible and continues to come in year after year. And while there have been men that have used this book for their own selfish, ill intent, I would argue not to blame the Bible for man’s misuse. When used as designed, this book has been a force for good in every area of life. 

CNJ: What has been the biggest challenge of running a Christian business and sticking to your biblical values?

SG: The biggest challenge we faced was when the government told us we had to freely provide abortive products to our employees. Our conscience would not allow us to do that, so we found ourselves having to sue the government we loved. I have traveled to other countries enough to have a greater appreciation for America. I feel blessed to be an American. America is not perfect, it never has been nor will it ever be, but I believe it is the best country in the world. I believe it is a result of our founders building it with principles found in the Bible.

CNJ: Are you surprised by the success of the museum, even by mainstream culture?

SG: In some ways, yes. When we first started this journey, we weren’t sure if there was an interest in a Bible museum. A survey we did showed that there was overwhelming support for the idea. That was a great encouragement and made the desire for a world-class museum even greater. Knowing of the interest and the exceptional creative firms we engaged to build the museum, we felt it was going to be well-received.

CNJ:  If you could have access to anyone in the world to share the Gospel with, who would it be, and why?

SG: I think the answer has to be all. God loves all and desires all to come to accept his free gift. At the Museum of the Bible, our goal is to invite all people to engage with the Bible. In my book, This Beautiful Book, I invite all to know what the Bible’s story is, to see that the many books that make up the Bible come together to tell one unified story. That makes the Bible, unlike any book in the world. Written over approximately 1,500 years by over 40 authors from all walks of life in three different languages on three different continents, and it tells a story. Try starting a book today and let someone 1,500 years from now finish it. That’s what we have in the Bible. It is an incredible book with an incredible story that is for all people.

Steve Green became President of Hobby Lobby in and has helped his family grow the business to more than 850 stores in 46 states with over 37,500 employees. He is a national speaker on both business and philanthropy interests, always focusing on how his faith intersects with his life endeavors.

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