Stanton Public Policy Center Rejects Biden’s Pick of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for HHS Secretary

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra

Stanton Public Policy Center calls for the Senate to reject California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s nomination as Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary.

Stanton called for the 3,000-plus pregnancy resource centers and life-affirming clinics to reject and refuse to comply with any HHS regulations under a Biden Administration, which would call for abortion referrals or advertising.

Stanton Public Policy Center, a women’s advocacy and educational group, works on human rights and justice issues. It’s affiliated with Stanton Healthcare which has life-affirming women’s health clinics in America and internationally.

Danielle Versluys, Director of Stanton Healthcare of Southern California said, “Attorney General Becerra has a track record of targeting pregnancy medical clinics like Stanton Healthcare in California. As was made clear by the Supreme Court’s ruling in NIFLA v. Becerra, pregnancy centers and clinics should not be forced to refer for abortions against their will, contrary to AG Becerra’s efforts.”

Versluys urged that the U.S. Senate to reject the appointment of AG Becerra as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Becerra has demonstrated that he is unqualified for the HHS position and is radically biased in support of abortion – to the “point of defending unconstitutional laws targeting legal clinics which provide charitable services at no cost to underserved, often minority, populations. The policies which AG Becerra has defended go against the principle of ‘do no harm’, and attempted to force us to participate in.”

Becerra will be testifying before Senate committees Tuesday and Wednesday.

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—By CNJ Staff

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