September 11

September 11 survivor: ‘My life has totally changed’

NEW YORK CITY — On Sept. 11, 2001, Sujo John was working in World Trade Center Tower 1 when American Airlines Flight 11 tore through his building. After several hours, he managed to escape with his life. But for John, the terror of that day was not over yet. His wife’s office was in the second World Trade Center tower.

 News Video: Sujo John’s first hand account of September 11, 2001.


A montage of eight images depicting, from top to bottom, the World Trade Center towers burning, the collapsed section of the Pentagon, the impact explosion in the south tower, a rescue worker standing in front of rubble of the collapsed towers, an excavator unearthing a smashed jet engine, three frames of video depicting airplane hitting the Pentagon. Photo by UpstateNYer | Wikimedia Commons.
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