Pro-Life Democrat Katrina Jackson Partners with Save the Storks

by christiannewsjournal

Katrina Jackson, pro-life Democrat, Louisiana State Representative, and Senator-elect, just released a powerful new message about her pro-life work and partnership with pro-life group, Save the Storks:

Save the Storks will be hosting their third annual Stork Ball on Jan. 23, 2020, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. The event includes keynotes from both sides of the political aisle; former White House press secretary and Republican, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and State Representative Jackson.

Jackson represents the 16th District of Louisiana and attended the March for Life in 2019. “I tell people in my state when they ask me, ‘Why are you a black, female, Democrat lawmaker fighting for life?’ I tell them because I’m a Christian first,” Jackson said at the 46th March for Life.

“And then I tell them that Proverbs say God hates the shedding of innocent blood. There’s no blood more innocent than an unborn child who’s never sinned, who never knew sin, and so for them … we will fight.”

Funds raised from the event will go toward the cost of Stork Bus production, educational programs, and services for mothers and their families.

There are 1,788 babies still aborted daily. An estimated 41 million abortions were performed worldwide in 2018, making it the leading cause of death above cancer. Sarah Quale President of Personhood Alliance Education said in an interview with Blessings Through Action that abortion is a heart issue. “We need to engage communities of why abortion is happening. We have to address the root. We have to share Jesus to people who are broken and that is so important…”

Sixty million babies have been aborted since the 1973 ruling and growing by states greenlighting late-term pregnancies.

New York legalized late-term abortions, creating contention and an outcry from people all over the political spectrum. The Empire State lauded the signed Reproductive Health Act by lighting up the One World Trade Center in pink as if celebrating a World Series. Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and Washington D.C. either proposed or already authorized genocide in their respective states.

Save the Storks has captured the imagination of millions with their compelling social media posts, videos and with its innovative fleet of Mercedes-Benz Mobile Medical Units, known as the Stork Bus. With oversight by the organization’s chief operating officer, Thomas Kim, formerly the First Deputy Chief Administrator of Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), to date, Save the Storks has built 51 buses, with three additional Stork Buses in production and nine in fundraising.

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