Pregnancy Center Opens Across the Street From Planned Parenthood

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Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center opened a second location directly across the biggest Planned Parenthood abortion center in Dallas, the Baptist Press reports.

“We were driving by the Planned Parenthood and at the time we were talking about the repairs that would be needed and how it wasn’t an ideal location,” director Leanne Jamison says. “I mean we were looking at a lot of money. It needed a new roof, it needs a whole update.”

The location was chosen because women are going to the Planned Parenthood center with the belief there are no other alternatives.

“I really believe that most people seeking an abortion are doing it for some very fundamental reasons,” says Jamieson.

“Often there’s a great deal of fear surrounding their pregnancy and because of that fear they’re really looking for some sort of answer, we might say hope. Hope that pregnancy does not have to change their life in what they view to be a disastrous way.

Prestonwood Pregnancy center received over 12,500 clients, with an estimated 8,000 clients, “a 43 percent increase from 2019 at the same time. In June alone, they saw 269 clients, a 35 percent increase from the previous year,” the media outlet reports.

Prestonwood Baptist Church Pastor Jack Graham says the timing is critical as Planned Parenthood is not the enemy.

We know who the real enemy is,” says Jamieson. “Planned Parenthood is staffed by people that need the love and grace of our Lord and Savior as much as clients walking through our door do. But we are moving in because that is a place where the enemy has positioned himself and we want to say we can serve them (clients), and that they have more options beyond just abortion.”

Sixty million babies have been aborted since the 1973 ruling and growing by states greenlighting late-term pregnancies. New York legalized late-term abortions, creating contention and an outcry from people all over the political spectrum. Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and Washington D.C. either proposed or already authorized genocide in their respective states.

-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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