Political correctness is destroying America

by christiannewsjournal
political correctness

Sorry, but no this is not an endorsement of the extremely blunt, some would say crude, Donald Trump or of plain-talking Senator Ted Cruz, for that matter. While this upcoming presidential election is critically important, especially after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, I submit that the scope of the problem discussed here started at least 40 years ago and actually transcends partisan politics or the 2016 election.

I humbly posit here that the elite fabricated, and increasingly government enforced, self-censorship (a.k.a. “political correctness”) is dulling our thinking, is making us quite literally stupid, is leading to self-destructive decisions, and is herding us towards the eventual demise of what made America great. Radical political correctness threatens the authenticity of the public discourse and the world of ideas like nothing we have ever seen. Our very understanding of reality and the very nature of truth itself is at stake. By “political correctness” (PC), I mean the pressure to conform to a particular sociopolitical ideology or point of view, especially to a liberal (a.k.a. “progressive”) point of view concerned with promoting radical “tolerance” and avoiding offense in matters of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

Last year PC was on full frontal display when the U.S. Supreme Court, ignoring biology, history, sociology, and common sense, declared that maleness and femaleness no longer have anything meaningful to do with marriage and family in Obergefell v. Hodges. The result: The court, in a divided decision, redefined marriage, fabricated a new “constitutional right (read “wrong”) to same-sex marriage. This was a “yuge” PC victory. The score: PC 1, Constitution and truth 0.

In the last month, the ever shape-shifting and evolving PC insanity was also on full display in the left-coast’s San Diego County. The first instance arose in the Poway Unified School District, once the paragon of excellence among California’s schools. The issue is the 2014 California law (AB 1266) that allows children to self-identify their gender and forces public schools to allow transgender students to use facilities, like restrooms and locker rooms, consistent with their personal self-identification. Privacy For All Students attempted to overturn the law, but was unsuccessful.

At Poway’s Rancho Bernardo High School the result is that boys are forced to share their showers with girls. Why? California law now allows gender confused or questioning girls to self-identify as “boys” and vice versa. Is this based on objective factors like biology and body parts? No. Based on their feelings alone! Naturally parents, justifiably concerned about the raging hormones of their young men, who dared to ask for some decency and privacy for their sons are branded as bad, discriminatory, bigoted parents, who just need to live with the cultural sexual chaos and shut up.

Nearly simultaneously, perhaps a confirmation of too much sunshine to the brain in SoCal, the influence of the PC language police was on full display yet again in another part of San Diego County. The City of San Diego’s Orwellian 2014 “Correspondence Manual” mandated that municipal employees not refer to “Founding Fathers” to avoid gender bias, replacing it with the gender-neutral term “Founders.” It doesn’t matter a whit that the truth of history is that, though women made significant contributions, most leading founders were men, does it? We must bow to feelings, and not judge those feelings, but validate them whether or not they bear any correspondence to truth or reality. Mayor Kevin Falcouner, in a statement reversing the PC manual’s stupidity, pointed out, “Suggesting that our Founding Fathers should be referred to as ‘Founders’ is political correctness run amok.” Run amok indeed! We could use more of the plucky, truth-affirming common sense of our Founding Fathers.

On the surface political correctness appears happy and “nice,” but peer unflinchingly behind the beautiful curtain and you will soon see that it is truly dark and dangerous. This is because PC often ignores the facts, subverts critical thinking, is quite ironically intolerant and, rather than leading to a purportedly evolved higher plane of socio-political existence, is placing us all in grave danger. How so?

PC ignores facts. PC has an uncomfortable relationship with objective truth. In PC land, truth is radically subjectivized, personalized and relativized to the individual. Transcendent truth (i.e. reality) is replaced by transient and often unstable personal feelings and emotions, which can and often do shift and change. PC glorifies each of us and our feelings as “god,” as we refulse to acknowledge or accept objective and important distinctions. PC enforces an intolerant “sameness” and lack of good judgment, even where real differences exist. Basic truths and realities about things as they really are, get ignored. Facts like biological boys having boy parts, biological girls having girl parts. That boys are boys and girls are girls. That our Founding Fathers were men. That most terrorists today are Muslim (i.e. not Christian or any other religion).

PC subverts reason and logic. Once you jettison facts and truth, critical thinking quickly becomes a thing of the past. PC is mind-numbing and is thought-destroying. We are not to consider hard cold facts and use our reason and logic to reach conclusions. No, we must agree with whatever PC B.S. the liberal elite are selling this week. The brain is turned off as PC drones mindlessly repeat liberal mantras until we are all propagandized. Simply put, PC makes us stupid. In PC fantasyland, there is no reason to worry about small and unimportant details like: 1) Boys with boy bits may be harmed or negatively impacted (i.e. struggle with lust) if girls with girl bits are showing up nude in their locker rooms, 2) We are not properly vetting Muslim immigrants with dangerous ideologies, or 3) The breakdown of the African-American family has negative consequences.

PC is quite viciously intolerant. PC commands us not to discriminate, yet viciously discriminates against us and demonizes us. It orders us not to hate, but foments hatred against us. It begs for tolerance, but is aggressively intolerant of anyone expressing or living out biblical Christianity. Indeed, if you don’t march in lock step in the PC parade, you are “evil” and you are quite literally a stupid backwards devil. If you are, for example, a Christian who doesn’t agree with the PC replacement “Ten Commandments,” you are a hateful, narrow-minded, intolerant, bigot. Do you remember what happened to Kim Davis in Kentucky this past summer? We can’t “discriminate” and call names but its okay to call us names and demonize us. The emperor has no clothes: the “myth of tolerance” has been exposed.

PC puts us all in danger. Since we can’t look at facts and can’t use those facts to reason or make informed decisions, we have rendered ourselves powerless to respond appropriately to real and existential threats. A neighbor of the Jihadi San Bernardino couple suspected they were up to no good, but failed to report the suspicious activity to law enforcement! Why? Because they didn’t want to be seen by others as politically incorrect or discriminatorily “profiling.” Christians are publicly attacked today, mostly with words. As a result, many are silent, instead of standing up for their civil rights. But, tomorrow, if we don’t get fully on board the PC bandwagon, will we lose our jobs? Will we go to jail? Will we be killed? These are all unsavory possibilities that we are not too far from as a society.

PC undermines freedom. Political Correctness is a freedom-crushing downward spiral of silence. It is an underestimated sociological force that has the dark effect of at first stifling and later silencing nearly all discussion or dissent. This includes freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and religious freedom. As the cacophony of PC loud bullying tactics rises, the level of meaningful resistance to its transparently fascist tendencies diminishes. As the voices of the elite carrying culture’s PC megaphones becomes shriller and more deafening, all other voices are tragically drowned out. PC does not breed true liberty, it breeds enslavement. This was on full display recently on university campuses across the U.S. as “black lives matter” activists, tried to exclude whites, the media, and those who disagreed with them from their “safe spaces.”

And if you are right about now wondering, “What the h–l just happened?” Well, simply put, the “free love” hippies of yesteryear’s sexual revolution have grown up, overrun academia and government, destroyed, in delight, the Judeo-Christian worldview, and are now officially running the asylum. The elite’s replacement for the Judeo-Christian worldview is Hinduism, and to a lesser extent Buddhism, which I will write about more next month. This revolution is not without profound consequences. It is steadily ruining our lives and destroying America. In our brave new PC alternative reality world, good is called “evil” and the sane are now declared “insane.” Yes indeed, we have lost our freaking minds! I fear that if we don’t collectively regain consciousness from this “bad trip” soon, all may be lost for generations.

Worldviews matter! Ideas, indeed, have consequences. Bad ideas have bad consequences. Political correctness is a bad idea that has bad consequences. Yes, we should be angry! Angry at how we have allowed truth and freedom to slip through our fingers like sand. Angry that we are losing that which our Founding Fathers and others have fought so hard to establish and protect. Angry that our fear of man, sloth, and cultural disengagement and general wimpiness will lead to the suffering of our children and grandchildren. But we must harness and channel our anger, transforming its energy into purposeful and effective action.

Dean Broyles

— by Dean R. Broyles, Esq.

Broyles is a constitutional attorney serving as the President of The National Center For Law & Policy (NCLP), an organization fighting to promote and defend religious freedom. Copyright© The National Center For Law & Policy. Reprinted with permission.

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