Police Officer Finds Encouraging Note on Car

by christiannewsjournal

Sometimes a simple act can pack a big punch. With many police officers facing unprecedented threats today, one person made a difference with a simple note.

Officer Aaron walked out to his squad car with a cup of Joe one day to find a Dunkin’ Donuts napkin on the windshield.

“Praying God’s protection over you—today and always!,” it read.

The Huntersville, Ga. police thanked the person or persons for the encouraging note.

“One of our officers was at Dunkin’ getting coffee this morning (ya sure, just coffee) and found this note on his windshield. To whoever left the note, Officer Aaron says thank you and he is going to ride with it in his car from now on! #ThankYou #OneLove #HuntersvillePD.”

Receiving an encouraging note is much needed for the police and for many facing challenges today.

Many cities across the nation are defunding or depleting police funds to end police brutality since George Floyd’s death in May.

According to a Forbes report in August, as many as 13 U.S. cities cut funding from police departments’ budgets. In Austin, Texas, the City Council, agreed to drain $150 million from the police budget, “reinvesting much of that sum in social programs, including food access, violence prevention and abortion access.”

Bigger cities already approved budget cuts in knee-jerk reactions to protests this spring. New York severed $1 billion from its 2021 budget totaling $88.9 billion. The money will be funneled into social programs.

“New York City was among three cities labeled ‘anarchist jurisdictions’ by the Justice Department on Sunday and targeted to lose federal money for failing to control protesters and defunding cops,” the New York Post reported on Sept. 21. Los Angeles passed a $150 million budget cut from its $1.86 billion proposed budget. 

Corine Gatti Santillo

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