Moms for America Responds to Big Tech Bullies With Plans for a Big Tech Exit on July 4th

by christiannewsjournal

Big Tech uses certain buzzwords to justify its censorship, cleverly all vague, used as excuses to crack down on conservative content. They include “fake news,” “misinformation,” “hate speech,” “harassment” and even “bots.” In other words, the internet is no longer being run like the free market.

In response to big tech censorship taking over the internet, Moms for America Action is preparing for a fight. “On July 4th the silent majority will be heard loud and clear when we cancel our accounts with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google— all in one day,” said Kimberly Fletcher, founder and president of Moms for America ( “And now we have somewhere to go! Something big is coming – and it is called This massive platform will completely transform social media as we know it. replaces the Big Tech bullies, providing the same features you’re accustomed to with a lot more you’ll love. And your information will be secure!”

Moms for America will be hosting the Big Tech Exit, a nationwide celebration with a massive live event – soon to be announced for July 4 –with live and virtual events in every state. Big Tech Exit will send a powerful message to socialist elites, cancel culture communists and big tech bullies.

“July 4th will be America’s big tech Independence Day,” continued Fletcher. “America is free! Let Freedom Ring!”

According to Fletcher, “These big tech cyber bullies are making millions of dollars selling our private information and personal data—they have all our content: pictures of our children and grandchildren, posts to friends, what we buy, where we shop and they sell it. They make millions selling our personal information and then block us when we post anything of substance they don’t agree with.

“I am done with the Big-Tech cyber bullies! They want to launch war on Moms? Well, they’re in for a fight. It’s time for a massive exodus from these big tech goliath draconian overlords. Hit them where it hurts – in their wallets!”

Moms for America is recognized as one of the fastest growing movements of women in America, giving voice and value to the silent majority of American women who love God, protect life, treasure family, and cherish freedom. Moms for America is a national movement uniting moms across the country on a mission to reclaim culture for truth, family, freedom, and the constitution, to raise a new generation of patriots, and to heal America from the inside out through the homes and hearts of the mothers of America.

Moms for America Action consists of thousands of moms from every race, religion and nationality who believe in our Republic, our Constitution, and our God-given liberties. Moms for America Action is the voice of mothers on the cultural and political issues of the day. Moms for America Action strives to faithfully represent the hearts of mothers from all across our great nation–moms who inspire faith and bless America by raising tomorrow’s leaders.

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