Israel Approves Housing Settlement Named after President Trump

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced at a cabinet meeting over the weekend that Israel would launch a new housing development in the Golan Heights named after President Donald Trump.

According to CBN, Ramat Trump – Hebrew for Trump Heights – will house 300 families.

“Today, we will begin practical steps in establishing the community of Ramat Trump on the Golan Heights, Israel’s sovereignty over which was recognized by President Trump,” said Netanyahu. The statement was made in accordance with Trump’s 74th birthday.

Netanyahu tweeted, “Happy Birthday President @realDonaldTrump! You’ve been an INCREDIBLE friend to Israel and you’ve done extraordinary things for the Jewish state for which we are eternally grateful.”

The former Syrian Golan Heights became under control by Israel after the war in 1967 and it was annexed in 1981. However, many in the international community consider Israeli settlements to be illegal, according to international law. Trump signed an executive order in 2019, stating that the “United States recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.”

Corine Gatti-Santillo

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