Former Pastor Addresses COVID-19 Vaccine Questions, Misconceptions Common Among Evangelical Christians

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In light of a new Pew Research study showing White Evangelicals are the least likely demographic to get the COVID-19 vaccination followed by Black Protestants, Redeeming Babel created Christians and the Vaccine, a resource with trustworthy and reliable information to address the most common spiritual questions about the vaccines.

Developed by Redeeming Babel Founder Curtis Chang, a faculty member of the Duke Divinity School and Senior Fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary, the website contains short, informative videos and other resources to help answer questions and ease the concerns of believers. Ultimately, the goal is to empower Evangelical Church leaders and Christians with accurate information to make an informed decision to get vaccinated when able.

“With the amount of information out there, it is understandable why some Christians are hesitant to get vaccinated. However, what is more concerning is that many are making the decision not to get vaccinated without giving it much consideration. Yet, we are approaching a day very soon when everyone will have to decide because we will have more vaccines available than people willing to take them,” says Chang. “As believers, we cannot allow an influx of negative, and often inaccurate, information to be the reason we stop ourselves from considering being vaccinated. We have designed this website to be a reliable place where those who have questions can find a Biblically rooted answer.”

As a former pastor, Chang founded Redeeming Babel to provide biblical thinking in a confusing world. When it comes to the vaccine, he understands the difficult questions many church leaders are receiving. He hopes can be a trusted resource for pastors with biblical and truthful information.

The website has a series of eight videos, ranging from 6 to 17 minutes in length, that address common questions many Christians may have regarding the vaccines from a biblical and medical foundation. Chang takes an authentic approach to unpacking complex questions related to the vaccine, including:

  • Is the COVID Vaccine Safe?
  • Should Pro-Lifers be Pro Vaccine?
  • Is the COVID Vaccine the “Mark of the Beast?”
  • Can Black Americans Trust the COVID Vaccine?

“My trust in the vaccine is not based on my direct understanding of all the scientific details. I trust the vaccine because I trust the experts tasked with understanding the science for me. Whenever you take medicine, you most likely do not know the exact ingredients or the research behind it. Instead, you are trusting your doctor, the research universities, pharmaceutical companies and the FDA to ultimately approve the medication. This is exactly the kind of trust involved in taking the COVID-19 vaccine,” states Chang.

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Redeeming Babel creates thoughtful, engaging and biblically sound curriculum for individuals and small groups. It seeks to reveal the Christian worldview as more profound, beautiful, and relevant than commonly imagined. More information can be found at

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