For the Good of the Country, President Donald Trump Must Not Concede

by christiannewsjournal
White House

With overwhelming fraud in plain sight, Democrats and media declare Joe Biden as President-elect. According to the Constitution, though, the victor of the election is declared after the votes by the Electors of the Electoral College are read in Congress in January.

Until the votes are read in Congress, One Day in America calls on President Trump’s campaign and all Americans to contest the election results in the face of massive fraud. One Day in America represents naturalized Americans from Africa and the Caribbean.

Dr. Christopher Metzler, who is Executive Director of One Day in America, said the statistical anomalies and media malpractice are familiar signs of fraud and corruption that are routinely observed in poverty-stricken nations with no rule of law. “Just like in the Third World, the media has become an arm of a political party, the Democratic Party. They have no authority to declare who is the winner of the election. We escaped Third World dictatorships for the unique freedom in America. But if the Democrats are allowed to steal this election, we won’t see a difference between the dictatorships we escaped and where we live as Americans today,” Metzler said.

With the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling for Pennsylvania to segregate votes that are received after 8pm on election day, Dr. Metzler believes it’s a signal that the Courts will be able to resolve this issue in concert with the US Constitution. “In many African and Caribbean nations where electoral fraud is common, citizens can only rely on the courts to correct the errors due to corruption before they either give up the belief in the rule of law or take up arms and correct the errors themselves,” Metzler said. “With unexplained anomalies in election results from Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, all Americans deserve a clean election. The Court is the first step in this process. That’s why, for the good of the rule of law and our country, President Trump must not concede, and we don’t expect him to do that. After the Courts clean-up the obvious fraud, on January 20, Donald Trump will take the oath of office for President of the United States.”

The media arm of the Democratic Party aims to create that illusion that a Biden Administration is inevitable. On the contrary, SCOTUS has segregated the ballots in Pennsylvania. There will likely be legal action on the election machine “glitches” in Michigan and Georgia. Arizona has not stopped counting ballots. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia will be recounting ballots. And we expect legal action in Nevada after thousands of deceased voters were discovered. 

Through these challenges to expose Democratic Party fraud, One Day in America stands on the side of transparency.

One Day in America is founded by naturalized Americans from African and Caribbean nations who aim to restore America’s beacon for freedom for the world by educating all Americans about our founding principles and ideals.

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