Facebook Bans Restored Hope Network Page | Ministry Vows to Fight for ‘Disenfranchised’

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Restored Hope Network’s Facebook page has been removed without notice or explanation by the social media giant due to its ongoing effort to deny the truth that unwanted same-sex attraction can be overcome.

The page’s removal stems from Facebook’s aggressive efforts to support the bans on so-called “conversion therapy.” The problem: Conversion therapy doesn’t exist.

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“It is a deliberately and misleadingly provocative term coined by the LGBTQ activist community that does not describe any type of actual counseling assistance offered to men and women who struggle with same-sex attraction,” explained Anne Paulk, executive director of Restored Hope Network.

“Facebook’s actions are a chilling example of viewpoint discrimination,” she added. “Facebook is deciding they have the authority to silence the stories of those of us whose lives have changed,” she said. “Their dismissive action – canceling our page as if it never existed, leaving a vague “the link may be broken” message in its place – is shameful. Not even extending us the courtesy of a notification, a chance to offer our side of the very politicized story, is unconscionable.”

Despite the setback, Paulk said Restored Hope Network will not ease off its ongoing efforts to declare the rights of those who struggle with sexual sin to seek healing.

“The last time I looked, we still live the United States. Freedom to choose what to do with one’s life–and seek help that one wants–is a dearly held value,” she noted.

“People looking for change should be free to find services and resources from counselors, schools, churches and ministries like ours to help them achieve their desired goals. “We will remain here, fighting for their rights, despite Facebook’s best efforts to muzzle us and disenfranchise them.”

Restored Hope Network is an interdenominational coalition of Christian ministries serving those who desire to overcome relational and sexual issues in their lives and those impacted by such behavior, particularly homosexuality.

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