ESPN Reporter Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

by christiannewsjournal

ESPN reporter Allison Williams, 35, will be leaving the network over its COVID-19 mandate, she announced on Instagram Friday. She is expected to be separated from the company officially this week.

“I have been denied my request for accommodation by ESPN and the Walt Disney Company, and effective next week, I will be separated from the company,” she said. “Ultimately, I cannot put a paycheck over principle, and I will not sacrifice something that I believe and hold so strongly to maintain a career,” she said in the video. “I’m going to pray things get better and that I can see you on the television set in some capacity in some stadium, covering some game soon.”

The football sideline reporter has worked with the company since 2011 and she understood vaccines are essential in the effort to end this pandemic, “however taking the vaccine at this time is not in my best interest,” Williams shared in September. “After a lot of prayer and deliberation, I have decided I must put my family and personal health first.”

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—By CNJ Staff

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