Dan Crenshaw | Democrats Telling the Truth Is the Most Terrifying Thing of All

by christiannewsjournal
Dan Crenshaw

Hearing what the Democratic Party has to say is presumably the most beneficial thing the GOP could ask for.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw tells Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” his suggestion to the American “people is, start listening to Democrats. You have to listen to what they’re telling us. They talk about defunding the police. They talk about making excuses for violent mobs.”

They want to destroy the things that bring us together.

Why do they do that? Why do they say those things?

“Because fundamentally they want to dismantle our country and institutions. That’s not my words. It’s their words,” says Crenshaw.

He also adds:

“It was only 12 years ago that an allegedly “systemically racist” country elected a black president, for crying out loud. Then re-elected him. That might not have been wise, considering how leftist and dishonest the Obama administration turned out to be, but no one can fault the American electorate for “racism” in the process.”

Watch Crenshaw’s Interview


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