Christ the Redeemer Statue Illuminated to Look Like a Doctor

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By Dr. Jim Denison

Christ the Redeemer statue illuminated to look like a doctor
Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue is lit up in the likeness of a doctor during an Easter service in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday, April 12, 2020.

Deadly tornadoes in the South caused “catastrophic” damage and at least seven deaths after touching down Sunday, according to officials. Hundreds of structures have been damaged by the storms.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency over the storms. “This is not how anyone wants to celebrate Easter Sunday,” he said in a statement. But the good news is that “the state and our first responders are working around the clock and will not rest until this is over.”

In other news, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue was illuminated to look like a doctor on Easter Sunday, a tribute to frontline healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic around the world. The flags of several countries affected by the outbreak were also projected onto the monument, and the city’s archbishop performed a mass at the base of the statue in which he paid tribute to medical workers.

The horrific overnight storms in the South remind us that a pandemic does not displace other tragedies. People still have heart attacks and strokes. They still suffer from cancer and diabetes. One reason “flattening the curve” is so essential is that, otherwise, COVID-19 patients could fill up hospitals to the exclusion of those who need medical care for other reasons.

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