8 Dead in Georgia Massage Parlor Shootings

by christiannewsjournal

A shooting at three massage parlors, two in North Atlanta, Ga. and the other in the suburbs of Cherokee County on Tuesday night left eight people dead. Six of the people reportedly killed were Asian women. A 21-year-old suspect was taken into custody on Tuesday night. Speculation is it was a hate crime.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jay Baker told reporters “..we’re in the very early stages of this, so we can’t make that determination just yet.”

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus tweeted:

Hate crimes against Asian Americans have risen through 2020, according to an advocacy group called “Stop AAPI Hate,” a national coalition working to end anti-Asian American discrimination. Between March 2020 and June 2020, there were 2,120 reported hate crimes against Asian Americans mostly in New York and Los Angeles, NBC reported.

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-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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