Ways You Can Feel God’s Power and Peace

by christiannewsjournal

There is an easy way do feel God’s power and peace. You may think it’s an ethereal, sublime, hard to attain achievement only the super saints experience. No. It is for you.

I will tell you below, how, step by step. Do these steps and test God in this (Malachi 3:10) to see if He will fill you with His peace and power as He has promised (Romans 15:13, Ephesians 6:10).

If you are desperate and need some real peace in your life, right now, at this very moment, stop what you are doing and try this:

  1. Say, “LORD, please help me to keep my mind on You and to only eat when I am hungry.”
  2. Then go about your day and try to keep your mind on Him.
  3. Eat when you get hungry.

You have just done a spiritual fast. It’s that simple.

This is a spiritual fast, as opposed to a fleshly fast, which is when you say:

  1. “I am going to fast today.”
  2. Then you go about your day and try to keep your mind on Him.
  3. And you get grumpy and are miserable because you’re hungry.

It may seem a small thing to you, but Martin Luther said God hates self-reliance. So, the only difference is in who the fast originates from: you or God.

What do I mean by this?

In the first example you ate when you got hungry. An easy fast. In the second example, you were determined to fast for a day, and so kept fasting even when you got hungry.

“Yeah, but God’s not gonna’ take away my hunger!” you say, “that’s the whole point of fasting, to deny yourself!”

The window is closing upon which He is willing to do this. He took my hunger away for four days when He taught me to fast. He filled me with His joy, power, peace, love and I actually had extra energy during my busiest week of the year as a church secretary, the week before Christmas. After that He took my hunger away many times, for shorter durations, over the past seven years and has taught me much through fasting. And every time He fills me with peace, immediately when I set my mind to fast.

Yes, the time is coming, He has shown me, when His children will have to learn to fast when it will not be easy, when they will endure hunger pains. Take this last window of opportunity and learn to feel His power, peace and love when the time is still now when He is willing to take away your hunger. That is a spiritual fast.

Here’s how willing He is to still teach us in this gentle way – I’ve even done candy fasts that He’s honored.

But there’s no way to know unless you try this yourself. Pray. Then keep your mind on Him. Then eat when hungry, knowing that He will teach you in this gentle way if you give him the chance.

Kristen Collier has a BA in English Literature and is co-founder with her husband, and Roku developer, of Creative Motion Network, a cutting-edge, free indie Christian Roku channel. She is also co-founder and animator of Collier Animation Studio, producer of Benny the Barnacle (2021).

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