Venezuelan Activist Warns Americans to ‘Guard Your Country’

by christiannewsjournal
Riot cleanup

Venezuelan activist Elizabeth Rogliani Otaola warns Americans what can happen if rioters proceed to destroy statues throughout the country.

She advises in a video that she’s “lived through” what the United States is undergoing.

“When I was living in Venezuela, statues came down, Chavez didn’t want that history displayed, and then he changed the street names, then came the [school curriculum], then some movies couldn’t be shown on certain TV channels, and so on, and so forth,” she explains. “You guys think it can’t happen to you. I’ve heard this so many times. You need to guard your country and your society, or it will be destroyed. We didn’t believe it could happen to us, most Venezuelans,” says Otaola.

She adds the Cubans warned her country. “And we were like, ‘We’re Venezuelan. We know what freedom is like. That’s not gonna happen here.’ Yet, it happened. And there’s clearly a lot of people wanting to destroy the U.S.”

Venezuela made headlines in 2019 due to its failing socialist systems. Adults and children continue to starve. Mothers and the elderly can’t buy medications. Doctors don’t have what’s needed in hospitals as supplies dried up. Electricity rations are ongoing and violent gangs took over communities and cities.

A policy that ostracizes incentives always fails. When the government has too much authority, citizens lose sovereignty.

“This is part of a 50-year political and cultural decay in Venezuelan society. It simply won’t fix itself overnight,” says former Venezuelan resident and author Jose Nino.

“The only scenarios I see for a positive change in Venezuela is through separatism (A split between market-based Venezuela and socialist Venezuela) or through a shift of consciousness reminiscent to that of Central and Eastern European free-market movements in the 1980s and 1990s. However, these scenarios will be long-term developments.”

America is far removed from the crisis facing Venezuela but dangerously traveling into that direction. If we don’t elect people into office denouncing this philosophy and don’t pay attention to the warnings — America could be next.

By Corine Gatti-Santillo

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