The ‘Woke’ Mob Just Got Hit With a Death Blow

by christiannewsjournal

When cancel culture tried to come for internationally successful comedian Dave Chappelle, They met a formidable foe in Netflix. The streaming giant – and one of the biggest companies on the globe – with 25 billion dollars in assets, took a stand against the “woke” mob and stood behind Chappelle, who has lately come under fire for making fun of the LGBT community in his newest comedy special.

Chappelle has long been known as a savage comedian who makes fun of whatever he wants. He took shots at Trump when he ran for president and also at Kanye West, who is one of the most successful producers of all time in American pop music history. So to die hard Chappelle fans, his making jokes about the LGBT community was nothing new. It is just his style to make edgy jokes, and for years people have loved him for it.

But cancel culture thought they could censor him for good and get him removed from Netflix after they just released his new comedy special. However, the company pushed back and said Chappelle isn’t going anywhere. And this is terrible news for the “woke” mob.

This shows Netflix learned from their mistakes the last time they went “woke” with Cuties, a movie that essentially glorifies child sexuality, in their spotlight. They lost millions of subscribers and it stunted their growth curve. In fact, news reports dropped saying Netflix’s cancellation rate 800 percent following the grotesque child pornography ad. Even though Netflix apologized, they did not remove the film.

Now, Netflix is showing cancel culture and the “woke” mob that being “woke” is ruining their bottom line. They dug their heels with Chappelle because they know the average American doesn’t buy into all that unscientific hooey about endless genders and so-called “transgenderism.” By standing up for Chappelle, they are telling the “woke” mob that nobody really believes what they say.

What Chappelle said was hardly cause for cancellation. It wasn’t as if he called for the death of so-called “transgender” people or said they don’t have a right to exist. He just made a few jokes. When the “woke” comedians made fun of President Trump and showed his head on a pike, nobody in the “woke” mob batted an eye. These people literally called for President Trump’s death on social media and the “woke” mob didn’t care.

But now that Chappelle is simply cracking jokes, the “woke” mob is losing their minds. In fact, in the special he talked about a trans woman who was aspiring to be a comedian and how he talked to her and wanted her to open (language warning) for him. Something the “woke” mob didn’t talk about. So, for Chappelle, his jokes are clearly jokes. He says what he thinks and makes hilarious jokes. That is all.

However, Netflix, which is hardly a conservative company by any standard, knows that nobody really buys into all that. Netflix knows that most Americans are fine with jokes that are edgy, so long as they do not call for the death or harm of people. Netflix knows that the “woke” mob is so small that there is no reason to give into them. They know the “woke” mob doesn’t really have a voice. And that is the death knell of the movement.

Netflix just gave cancel culture a reality check. They showed that the “woke” mob’s influence has waned to the point of obscurity. John Q. Public isn’t “woke,” and Netflix knows that. Now cancel culture knows it too.

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John S. Paluska is a contributor to CNJ news.

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