Family Fights Homeowners Association Over Flying the American Flag

by christiannewsjournal

Fox News reported a Pennsylvania family is battling their homeowners association over the right to fly the American flag.

Darlene and Rocco Lacertosa installed a flag pole to honor their military sons and to continue the family tradition.

“Very upsetting since we have two sons in the military and this flag pole was Rocco’s dad’s, which he proudly flew every day until the day he died,” Darlene Lacertosa shared in a social media post. “Very upsetting.” The couple said there are no written rules in the association contract prohibiting flying a flag.

The Galman Group, which manages the complex, maintained the pole is on common ground.

“The standards specifically permit the American flag to be flown when mounted to a house but do not permit in-ground flags in the community,” Galman Group representative told “The Galman Group and the Board at Indian Valley Meadows welcome its residents to display the American flag, and other appropriate flags, in accordance with the guidelines established for the benefit of the community.”

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the freedom of speech, religion and the press.

Patriotism isn’t about politics. Being proud that you love your country isn’t a crime. In America, citizens have free speech and freedom of religion, although these rights are infringed upon. We don’t worship patriotism, we honor it. We honor the people who died in the battlefields to keep our liberties intact. We honor the fact that we’re a nation founded on God and can speak our minds without being thrown into jail cells.

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-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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