Disney Openly Blasphemes Jesus in Nativity Candlelight Processional

by christiannewsjournal

Kristen Collier

On December 5, 2022, a top industry insider broke the news that Disney’s popular nativity Candlelight Processional now blasphemously says Jesus “was simply a man a human being….” 

WDW Pro, one of the top industry insiders who covers Disney business news, broke the story on Twitter that the House of Mouse now openly blasphemes the Son of God, not once, but 5 times in their processional.

“For all the miracles of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace Himself was simply a man – a human being,” the reader said at the Epcot Candlelight Processional which premiered the day after Thanksgiving, on November 25, 2022. CNJ readers can see the reader say this at about 43 minutes:

WDW Pro, a highly sought after entertainment analyst, Disney pundit, author, and editor who writes for That Park Place Home – That Park Place, told CNJ, “For no good reason, Disney has again waded into a highly divisive topic where there was no prior controversy. Again, it is at the cost of alienating those who believe in traditional values. This time it is in rewriting Christian theology – surely a slap in the face to mainstream Christians who see the Candlelight Procession because they hold Christ to be more than ‘simply a man.'” 

Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, PhD, Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty in Washington, DC LCRLFreedom, told CNJ, “Sadly, Disney has gone full throttle into the parenting (even the preaching) business, telling children what they should and should not believe, shamelessly willing to obscure the basic truths of Christmas in its new, disinformation campaign all in the name of ‘entertainment.’” 

Seltz, who is also Speaker Emeritus for The Lutheran Hour, added, “Any Christian parent who allows the glitter and glitz of Disney movies and Disneyland theme parks to take hold of our children’s imagination now delivers one’s children into the hands of people who actively seek to steal our children’s childhoods, and now, even their faith. This is about the hearts and minds of our children, not just a ride on Space Mountain. Parents of all faiths need to find other avenues for entertainment rather than anything Disney.” 

WDW Pro’s source for this breaking news is former Disney graphic artist and historian, Joshua L. Harris, founder of E82 – The Epcot Legacy HISTORY — E82 | The Epcot Legacy

Harris gave CNJ the following exclusive interview, presented to you in full:

CNJ: How big a deal is it now that Disney openly blasphemes Jesus in their nativity processional?

HARRIS: It is nearly impossible to overstate just how much of [a] blasphemous betrayal this is. Beneath a mass of flowery feel-good sentiment, the climax of the Candlelight Processional, a spiritual service held for 64 years, Jesus’ divinity is distinctly denied FIVE times – essentially stripping Jesus Christ of his Christ-ness during a deeply religious Christmas service. While all faiths have been attacked from the outside throughout all history, I don’t believe ANY of them have been so thoroughly defamed from INSIDE as Christianity has been this season. 

This is particularly poignant considering the betrayal has occurred from what was once the most prominent Christian company that has ever existed. Walt Disney was a deeply spiritual man who embedded Christian ideals and symbols into almost every project he ever worked on. Snow White PRAYS during his first film, Ave Maria is the finale to FANTASIA, Disneyland was prayed over during its opening ceremonies by several Christian leaders. 

CNJ: How do you personally, as a believer, feel about this “blasphemous betrayal”?

HARRIS: I performed in the Candlelight Processional for several years, and for many more years it has been the spiritual apex of the year for myself, my family, and millions of families around the world that have come to experience it for decades…. [A]ll to now be slandered from the very corporation that has protected Christian values for nearly 100 years. 

CNJ: Has the newly returned Disney CEO, Bob Iger, impacted this decision?

HARRIS: It was brought up that Bob Iger is a Jew, so, “[W]hat did I expect?” Bob Iger is a secular Jew, NOT a religious one, but also so was/is Michael Eisner, which means that for 38 of the 64 years Candlelight has been performed at Disneyland and [Walt Disney World] without any biblical conflicts. 

CNJ: How did you find out about this change? 

HARRIS: I worked for Disney for 20 years and have been a Disney historian for over 31 years. I’m also a Graphic/Motion Designer and Futurist, with a large portion of my work focused on EPCOT (1966-2019) via my site E82 – The Epcot Legacy. But one of my contacts that worked in entertainment tipped me off about some “problematic” changes that were going to happen this year about a week before this year’s performance[s] were to start. I put it in the back of my mind until this friend sent me the transcript and I decided that I could not allow the current “leaders” of this beloved company [to] get away with this. 

CNJ: Why are people blaming Iger if he’s not religious?

HARRIS: I think it was largely a straw man argument that because he’s not a Christian he can do whatever he wants to the show. Firstly, Candlelight Script changes are never done by the CEO of Disney. This was most likely done by Disney’s somewhat new DEI department [Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Diversity & Inclusion – Disney Social Responsibility]. 

Second, I’m no legal scholar, but I don’t think a corporation can hold a religious service in which the core principles of that faith are violated. If they were going to do this, they should have had the decency to cancel Candlelight this year, BUT they make WAY too much money through the Candlelight dinner package to cancel. [Dinner prices, excluding tax and gratuity, are $40 – 100 for adults and children over the age of 10: Candlelight Dinner Packages | Walt Disney World Resort (go.com) 

CNJ: Why the change now? 

HARRIS: Candlelight has been an amazing tradition over the years and most narrators are Christians, with powerful personal messages to the audience at the end. But after the events of this year, I notice only one Christian is narrating this year…and I hope Marie Osmond reads the script BEFORE she flies down here to speak it. 

Award-winning Comedian: “We have got to stop justifying partnering with Disney.”

DeAnn Alaine, an award-winning comedian and cartoon voice actor producing her own sitcom, has been called “The Next Lucille Ball.” https://www.deannalaine.com/ Alaine lives near the House of Mouse, and does stand-up in mainstream venues in order to witness. She told CNJ: 

Disney has known for a long time how to make something that is quite deadly, appear harmless. The Bible says, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16, KJV). We are so great with gentleness, but the church in general has thrown “wisdom as a serpent” in the trash! We have got to stop justifying partnering with Disney. Purchasing an annual pass is providing money to this company to continue exposing our families to witchcraft, their anti-family agenda, and now the desecration of our God and King. I have had to walk away from Disney myself, so I know the pain that it caused my flesh! Discontinuing my Disney Plus subscription hurt! Especially since I have loved Star Wars and only live 20 minutes from Walt Disney World. So, I understand what I’m saying. What is Disney going to create that WE justify next? We’ve got to stop the Disney Pandemic in the church. 

Kristen Collier has a B.A. In English Literature, is co-founder and 2D animator at Collier Animation Studio Collier Animation Studio – Home , and co-founder and Roku developer of Creative Motion Network Creative Motion Online – Front Page , a free, cutting-edge indie Christian Roku channel.

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