Cherry the Resurrection Rabbit: A Game-Changer in Christian Cartoons

By Kristen Collier

by Danielle Dolin

“You never will love anything until it touches your heart. Cherry does that.”

For every parent who’s had to sit through Teletubbies and Baby Shark, they’ll be glad to know there is a new Christian cartoon that is NOT insulting or tortuous: Cherry, the Resurrection Rabbit.

This bunny musical series that ministers to abused children in shelters was created by a pro-life lawyer that helps churches and has submitted many friend of the court briefs that helped overturn Roe V. Wade. Creator Debbie Cherry, her musical pseudonym, wrote a “friend of the court” brief that supported overturning Roe v Wade, and has been to seminary, so these cartoons are theologically sound and most definitely NOT an insult to anyone over the age of two’s intelligence.

But is that enough to warrant calling this series, seen on streaming platform Tubi a “game-changer”?


Bypasses the Traps of Mainstream Christian Efforts

“This musical animated series bypasses all of the traps you see with mainstream Christian efforts with kids and parents as the demographic,” animation historian Kevin Scott Collier told CNJ. “It doesn’t ignore the fact that entertainment is paramount and creates attraction.”

Collier, this writer’s husband, has written books for Cartoon Research , which was founded by ASIFA – Hollywood VP, Jerry Beck, the preeminent animation historian.

“Cartoon characters matter to kids,” Collier, who has created, written and/or illustrated hundreds of characters for books and streaming TV, said. “Originality matters to kids.”

But what about the plethora of Bible cartoons or all the Finding Nemo Christian rip-offs? Aren’t those sufficient to reach a young audience?

“A re-enactment of a biblical tale, such as cute animals aboard Noah’s Ark, doesn’t cut it. Been there, done that, a million times before. With Cherry the Resurrection Rabbit, originality prevails. Catchy, original songs of faith – presented by an adorable, original character – connect with kids and touch their hearts. You never will love anything until it touches your heart. Cherry does that.”

CNJ was granted the following exclusive interview with this very busy creator of the series quickly becoming a game-changer in Christian animation:

Debbie, how does a person go from being a constitutional lawyer filing briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court to being the creator of an inspirational singing bunny?

The bunny came first! Cherry’s ministry began while I was in seminary and continued through law school.

How did Cherry first appear? What was the inspiration for creating the character?

Cherry began as a small stuffed bunny. I’ve always liked to give voices and personalities to stuffed animals. Most folks outgrow that by about age 10, but I never did. Someone at church suggested I learn ventriloquism, and I was already a songwriter. The bunny took over the songwriting and we began doing volunteer ministry with abused children in shelters.

Cherry the Resurrection Rabbit has multiple CD’s and books. What made you decide to turn her music into cartoons?

It’s always been a dream, but it was way beyond reach financially until the technology progressed to a point where it was affordable! We made the connection through our artist Jack Foster, with a little help from a cousin with experience in both graphic arts and ministry.

One of the most popular cartoons today, Baby Shark, has lyrics that are so repetitive as to drive parents crazy. But Cherry’s songs are extremely well-written, witty AND theologically rich. How important is this to create characters like Cherry?

It’s very important!! That rabbit has a seminary education. Kids need to hear the gospel and also learn how to apply God’s Word in everyday life. There is plenty of material in the Bible to keep writing new songs for years.

What kind of response is Cherry getting? We’ve had wonderful feedback about Cherry’s music over the years. Kids will listen to the songs on her CD’s over and over and over!

What can you tell people about, Blue Grass Bunny: The Musical, Cherry’s musical, now awaiting distribution onto streaming platforms? Cherry started doing bluegrass style music because it’s such a fun style. Kids might naturally think the name refers to blue-colored grass – ha – so Cherry wrote a book about bunnies searching for blue grass.


By the Numbers:

1989: “[Cherry] started doing volunteer work for two ministries that worked with abused children. One was a private nonprofit (Olive Crest), founded by Christians, that operated group homes for abused kids; Cherry visited their toddler home on Sunday afternoons for many years. The other was Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries, where Cherry and I went into a county shelter on Sunday mornings with several other volunteers to do chapel and Sunday School.”

2004: Cherry’s first CD “Rejoicing in the Resurrection” was released.

26: Number of CD’s Dove nominated Dennis Dearing, founder of Menace Music, has produced for the singing bunny!

12: Number of cartoons Cherry has on Youtube, with her newest Christmas cartoon now in production.

2: Cherry has two books, Happy Birthday Bunny and Blue Grass Bunny, and two new CD’s out in 2023.

1: Cherry’s first musical, Blue Grass Bunny, now in awaiting distribution onto streaming channels.


What do Cherry’s Artist and Music Producer Say?

“People are always curious when I tell them about Cherry!” music producer Dennis Dearing told CNJ. Dearing, nominated for a Dove award for his production of a children’s music project, said, “Usually they are surprised when I tell them it’s not just Easter songs.”

What does the musician think about working with this prolific creator? “I’m amazed at how deep the well is with Debbie because there seems to be no end to the songs she is writing and that they are consistently well written and spot on speaking to the children she is writing them for! She truly has a gift!”

“I love working with Debbie….and Cherry,” artist Jack Foster told CNJ. “I have been blessed every step of the way along the Resurrection Rabbit journey.” Foster, who has a blog where he teaches kids about God’s Word Mr Biblehead, added, “The CD’s are filled with fun/biblical songs, and now to see her singing and dancing is such a thrill for me. I’m excited to see what is next.”

It’s Called Programming…Because It IS

As the 2D animator for this cartoon, Cherry the Resurrection Rabbit, I wanted to see what all the Baby Shark in particular furor was about, after seeing the toys in stores and ads for it everywhere. And it’s not too strong to say that just watching a couple of episodes is enough to make any sane person want to commit suicide. (“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m very, very sorry! You’re sorry, you’re sorry, you’re very, very sorry!”) Anyone who knows that programming is just that – programming, designed for a specific purpose by the producer, would think that it was…programming designed for a specific purpose.

As a producer of live action and animated cartoons, I can tell you that…programming is designed for a specific purpose. So, believers, be skeptical. Be cautious in what you and your children consume of media. – Kristen Collier

Kristen Collier has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and is the author of the “exciting ecclesiastical thriller,” King of Glory, a supernatural love story about the Second Coming. She is co-founder, animator and producer at Collier Animation Studio, whose cartoons appear on streaming TV. Collier, a Hollywood Prayer Network MI Chapter Director, is also co-director of Allendale Christian Media, a department of St. John Lutheran Church.

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