‘Working Together for New Jersey’ Invites Pro-Life Advocates To Prayer Walk

by christiannewsjournal

A coalition of New Jersey pro-life organizations, physicians, clergy and activists will hold a “prayer walk to save babies’ lives” along the Seaside Heights boardwalk, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, July 16th. The “Working Together for New Jersey” coalition invites dads, moms, teens, legislators – everyone – to walk and pray with them.

“Our prayer will focus on stopping S-3030/A-4848, now pending before the NJ Legislature. This bill jeopardizes the safety of minors and disregards the rights of parents by guaranteeing they will not be involved in their minor daughter’s abortion decision,” said Shawn Hyland of the Family Policy Alliance. “Enabling a 12 or 13-year old girl to receive contraceptives, potentially face a coerced abortion, or be sterilized – without parents being notified or consulted – should not be conceded to the legislature.”

“This bill exploits women and children trapped in human trafficking,” said Rev. Gregory Quinlan of The Center for Garden State Families. “New Jersey already has the most liberal abortion laws in the nation. Now the state will use tax money to attract and pay for abortions and sterilizations for anyone who comes here at any time. Taxpayers will pay for abortions and sterilizations of the sex slaves of human traffickers.”

“Our opposition to Gov. Murphy’s desire to pass this bill has resulted in the American Civil Liberties Union hiring a big-name lobbying firm to influence legislators. That’s very revealing! The firm which calls itself ‘one of the most insightful and influential lobbyists in New Jersey’ must now misrepresent death as being ‘about equity and justice’ and ‘reproductive health!'” said Rev. Clenard Childress. “Speaking as a Black pastor, people need to know that abortion is the most racist of all acts, accounting for 61 percent of all Black deaths in America!”

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, a retired surgeon, added, “Evidence is mounting that New Jersey intends to become the Garden State for the harvesting of fetal tissue. Since we already do more abortions per person than any other state, Governor Murphy’s motive for pushing this bill appears to be the enormous profits to be made from the sale of fetal organs and tissue.”

A scant 15 percent of people surveyed want abortion permitted at any time during pregnancy, according to a 2020 Marist poll. Only seven countries in the world, including North Korea, China, and Vietnam, allow abortion after 20 weeks of an unborn baby’s development. Yet this bill asserts a right to abortion without any restriction related to gestation — meaning that a baby, ready to be delivered, could instead be aborted at the moment of birth. Fewer than one in five people support spending tax dollars on abortions, the Marist poll found.

“This bill, fully supported by Gov. Murphy, eliminates parental notification. It will allow non-physicians to perform dangerous abortions. It will force medical workers to provide abortion services, even if doing so violates their conscience or religious beliefs,” said Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right To Life. “This bill seeks to barbarically destroy the lives of infants, both before and after they are born. We ask all New Jerseyans to pray about this. Join us at Seaside Heights Friday. Then, please contact your legislators and demand that they reject this disgraceful, inhumane, infanticide bill.”

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