Women’s Midweek Reflection: See the Advent through the Shepherd’s Eyes

By Claudean Boatman

by Danielle Dolin

The shepherds, ordinary people engaged in a common job, experienced the surprise of their lives: not merely one angel announcing the birth of the Savior, but an entire angelic choir praising God. Even amid moments of fear, awe, and praise, they grasped the message.

The shepherds didn’t waste time questioning the accuracy of what they heard or the reality of the message. They didn’t take a detour or meander to Bethlehem. Instead, united, they went directly to witness the newborn—the Savior, the long-awaited Messiah.

The men discovered everything exactly as the angels had described. Luke notes that the shepherds reported what they were told about the baby in the manger. The term “reported” implies order and organization. I wonder if that was the case, or if the shepherds’ words spilled out in a rush, one voice blending with another. Regardless of how the words reached her, Mary cherished all they conveyed.

The shepherds accomplished one more remarkable act: they returned to their work. They praised God because, as Luke 1:20 states, “… all the things they had seen and heard, which were just as they had been told.”

Challenge: Discover Jesus as the Bible describes Him and return to your work, glorifying God.

Claudean Boatman loves the Christmas season; it is intertwined with her one and only love story. She and her husband celebrated their engagement for the 39th time when they decorated their Christmas tree on December 5. She earned a Master of Theological Studies from Gateway Seminary, Rocky Mountain Campus (Denver area), in 2023.

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