Women’s Midweek Reflection- Beginning Anew After Grief

By Claudean Boatman

by Danielle Dolin

January 1 causes a stir every year. Resolutions, words of the year, and challenges are everywhere. The new year equals a new adventure. Those who are grieving are living a different reality, one less optimistic.

The Book of Ruth, known as a captivating love story, is the journey of two women confronting grief. Elimelech took his family from Bethlehem to Moab during a drought. He died, leaving Naomi and her sons. The sons married Moabites, Orpah and Ruth. The Bible says the brothers died after they had been in Moab about ten years. Three widows were alone in a harsh land. Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem. Her daughters-in-law begged to go with her. Naomi convinced Orpah to return to her family, but Ruth stayed with Naomi.

I wonder how many tears were shed as they walked toward Bethlehem. I wonder how many fears they swallowed and how many doubts lurked in their minds. They couldn’t allow their grief to stall them. They kept walking through grief to Bethlehem, a little town later known as Jesus’ birthplace. This difficult journey led to God’s bountiful provision and joy.

Challenge: When grief is your reality, keep walking toward God’s provision and joy.

Claudean Boatman enjoys January, not because of a new start but because January is one month closer to flower season! She earned a Master of Theological Studies from Gateway Seminary, Rocky Mountain Campus (Denver area), in 2023.

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