Why I Am Grateful for Ravi Zacharias

by christiannewsjournal

Ravi Zacharias is one of the most effective apologists and ambassadors for Christ in the world. Now, it seems, his earthly ministry may be coming to its end.

His daughter, Sarah Davis, serves as CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. She posted to the ministry’s website an update on his battle with cancer, reporting that doctors have no further treatments for his very rare malignancy. As a result, she says, he and his family have gathered at home in Atlanta “for whatever time the Lord gives us.”

Christians around the world have responded to this news with tributes of thanksgiving for his influence on their lives. Tim Tebow and Lecrae are just two of the many well-known believers who have shared their gratitude for his life and ministry.

I want to add my personal word of appreciation as well. If the Lord does indeed take Ravi home in coming days, I will devote an entire Daily Article to his life and legacy. But today, I wanted to offer this simple reflection: God uses our faithfulness to touch people we have no idea we are influencing for his glory.

Unlike those posting tributes this week, I did not have the privilege of knowing Ravi Zacharias personally. But I have read many of his books, watched his videos, and heard him speak in person. His depth and breadth of intellect was astonishing. And his personal passion for Jesus was both obvious and contagious.

It was not just the brilliance of his answers to faith questions that encouraged me—it was the fact that a person of such brilliance was himself a devoted follower of Jesus. If he, with his intellect, could be so convinced of the truth of Scripture and veracity of our faith, the rest of us could follow his example with confidence.

It was who he was, not just what he said and did and wrote, that was enormously influential for me and for millions of others. He will likely not know of my gratitude for him on this side of heaven, but he did not seek such appreciation. He served an Audience of One.

His global impact shows us that God is using those who follow him in ways we cannot know until we are home with our Lord. When you scatter the “seed” of his word (Matthew 13:1–9) through your influence, he uses you in this temporal world for his eternal purposes.

As we pray for Ravi Zacharias’s wife, children, extended family, ministry team, and all others affected by this news, let’s ask God for physical healing and strength for Ravi, spiritual and emotional healing and strength for those who love him, and the multiplying of his ministry even through these days, all to the glory of God.

Dr. Jim Denison is the CVO of Denison Forum. His Daily Article and podcast globally reach over 200,000 subscribers. Dr. Denison guides readers to discern today’s news—biblically. He is the author of multiple books and has taught on the philosophy of religion and apologetics at several seminaries.

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