What’s at Stake in the California Recall Election?

by christiannewsjournal
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The California gubernatorial recall election is underway and voters across the state are eager to make their voices heard. This special election is being held to answer two important questions: Should Gavin Newsom be recalled from the office of Governor? If so, who should replace him? How voters answer these two questions could transform the political landscape of both California and the U.S. for years.

For Debbie Wuthnow, president of iVoterGuide, this recall election provides a unique opportunity. “An opportunity like this hasn’t occurred in California in years. Recent polls indicate that the state is evenly split over the effort to recall Governor Newsom, with the majority of California voters still undecided. This is exactly what iVoterGuide is for— equipping voters with facts about each candidate so they can cast an informed vote.”

While Republican voters may have already decided whether Governor Newsom should be recalled, iVoterGuide provides the well-sourced facts that California voters can share with their family and neighbors who need a reminder of Governor Newsom’s policies and actions that led to the recall effort. If the vote to recall exceeds 50%, then the candidate who receives the most votes will become California’s governor until the November 2022 election. The toxic political climate and recent global events underscores the urgency for voters to choose the candidate most likely to respect personal freedoms and govern with integrity.

Voters asked for iVoterGuide to cover this election and provide research to assist them in choosing between the dozens of contenders, and iVoterGuide quickly compiled all the necessary information about the current candidates. iVoterGuide gathered links to candidate websites and social media accounts, as well as listed important ideological donations either given to or by the candidates. For those who have held office, iVoterGuide lists any vote ratings earned.

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iVoterGuide is a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information. In 2020, iVoterGuide’s expert researchers gave an in-depth analysis—and overall rating—from the perspective of unchanging truth for 8,000+ candidates in more than 3,300 races nationwide. Additionally, iVoterGuide offers election dates, registration deadlines, polling locations, and other information needed to help Americans vote wisely and identify candidates on the ballot who share their values.

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