What Does a Biden Administration Mean for Faith, Family and Freedom?

by christiannewsjournal
Fourth of July

Unity was the theme of President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech.But is he really committed to the liberal values of the diversity, inclusion and tolerance of all Americans? More specifically, how can citizens aligned with the Judeo-Christian worldview expect to be treated during the Biden administration?

Simply put, poorly. 

Actions speak louder than words. Bible believing Christians have very good reasons to be concerned by the people with whom Biden surrounds himself, the executive orders he has already signed, and the actions he has committed to take early in his administration. 

Biden’s personnel choices have already raised a lot of red flags. His vice-presidential pick Kamala Harris is no friend of faithful Americans. Behind her warm smile, she is a committed radical far-leftist who as attorney general of California defended a law, declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, targeting pro-life pregnancy care centers and forcing them to advertise for the abortion industry. Xavier Becerra, who followed Harris as California’s AG, defended the same pro-abortion, civil-rights violating law and believes that religious freedom is only a personal individual right which does not extend to Christian businesses or ministries. Becerra is Biden’s pick for Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary. 

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His pick of Cindy Marten as his assistant secretary of education is also controversial and problematic.  As superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District, Marten led a Marxist anti-Christian cultural revolution.   Her radical legacy includes the targeting of Christian student clubs on campus, the coercive promotion of radical sexual liberty via pornographic comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) over the objection of parents and community leaders, and the indoctrination of teachers and students in the “progressive” ways of critical race theory. Furthermore, Biden’s team has openly flaunted the selection of Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant secretary of health, as the first transgender individual appointed to cabinet level position and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. This is seen as a win for identity politics and as a big victory for the LGBTQ+ revolutionaries. 

Biden’s policies also raise serious concerns. In fact, within minutes of calling all Americans to join him in restoring unity, Biden was furiously signing a slew of radical-leftist executive orders seeking to rapidly undo many of the good things that President Trump had done to protect religious liberty, rights of conscience, and the unborn. 

Regarding the LGBTQ+ radical sexual liberty revolution, Biden signed an executive order affirming his administration’s expansive interpretation of last year’s Bostock v. Clayton County ruling, reading Title VII’s 1964 anti-discrimination provisions to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI), even though those terms are not included in the statute’s text.  Biden’s order urges federal agencies to read SOGI into all federal non-discrimination statutes, including those involving not just the workplace, but also schools, health care and other areas.   

“On the same day he called for healing and unity, President Joe Biden signed a radical divisive transgender executive order that threatens the privacy and safety of women in single-sex facilities, equality and fairness in single-sex sports, and good medicine based on the reality that males and females are biologically different,” said Dr. Ryan Anderson, a Heritage Foundation fellow.

Another executive order Biden signed allows federal workplace anti-bias training, which is expected to force politically correct pronoun usage and mis-gendering, coercing federal employees to get on the sexual revolution bandwagon. Government employee sensitivity training is also expected to reinstate divisive Marxist critical race theory (CRT) indoctrination, which was recently defunded by President Trump. President Biden has also has promised to push through the Equality Act, a sweeping federal bill that would set religious citizens and organizations up to lose when legally challenged for simply living consistently with their faith.  As this article was going to print, Biden announced he was going to approve taxpayer funding of sex-changes for members of the armed forces.

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Rollbacks of abortion restrictions are also high on President Biden’s to-do list.  Expect him to quickly overturn Trump era rules like giving religious employers more freedom to deny free contraceptive and abortifacient coverage for their workers—the Obamacare contraceptive mandate that was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court because it forced an order of nuns (Little Sisters of the Poor) to pay for such conscience-violating coverage. Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that Biden will reverse the Mexico City policy originally put in place by President Ronald Reagan, preventing the federal government from supporting any kind of international pro-abortion movement or any kind of abortion services in its foreign aid.

Although he was raised as a Catholic, in evolving with the secular culture Biden has drifted very far from the teachings of the Catholic church.  Simply put, biblical Christians need to understand that Joe Biden is not their friend.  Don’t let his smile and warm words fool you. The unity he seeks is a fake Orwellian unity where those who dissent with him and his radical policies are marginalized and pressured to be silent by being called names and bullied, coerced to violate their consciences, or forced to suffer the consequences. He is decidedly not committed to honoring authentic cultural diversity, including the biblically orthodox faithful, or tolerating our worldview. Quite the opposite. Similarly to the Obama administration in which he served, Biden and his allies are poised to push an extreme anti-family far-left agenda and punish their ideological enemies. 

The Christian church uniquely understands what is true, good and beautiful. If we don’t show the world, who will? In this present darkness, we are called upon to remain as a city set on a hill and shine as a bright light. Now, more than ever, we must assume our illuminating and preservative role as salt and light. We must not be silent, especially in this present darkness in the face of such great evil. In this time of great confusion and deception, if we do not speak the truth in love, the lies may, at least in the short term, win. May God give us the courage and strength to stand firm and not to falter now in our Christian duties. 


Dean Broyles, Esq., is a constitutional attorney who serves as the President and Chief Counsel of the National Center for Law & Policy (NCLP), a non-profit legal ministry (www.nclplaw.org) defending religious freedom, traditional marriage, parental rights, life and related civil liberties.

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