When God told me to bring all the Christians together in our nation by taking action, He obviously had a purpose. He has been sending that message out since the beginning of time. Although He sent Jesus and the disciples out to spread the gospel out to all nations, He meant it to be a message of unity. We as “One Nation Under God” need to unite in one loud voice that will honor God, unite all Christians and praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How does this play out at a time such as this? With the coronavirus separating us instead of uniting us in our churches, communities and everyday living…How can we unite for every positive thing the President and all of the people that are working so hard to get us through this crisis, conflict, hate speech and divisiveness spewed?

Well, let’s start with faith. God says in His word that there will always be trials and that God is our strength and our rock. In our weakness, He is our strength. All that He asked is that we trust and believe in Him. To acknowledge our sin and ask for forgiveness as we repent or turn from our sins, we can start to rejoice and live by His righteous word. Because even in our darkest hour, He will be with us if we stay faithful to him.

Yes, we will continue to be weak and have to keep to acknowledge Him by staying in His word. Going to Him in prayer and by praising and worshipping Him. By doing so we will have His promises stated in His Holy Word, the Living Bible.

When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we receive the first promise and the most important gift ever: eternal life! It is not just eternal life but also a place in Heaven where there is no more pain and suffering ever again!

Secondly, we can pray, I know God answers prayers as He has always responded to all of mine! Not always the way I expected or wanted Him to but as I look back on my life, even those prayers that I may have thought were left out, I can see His mercy and grace in the way it all turned out, yes, He has a plan.

Thirdly, we can start taking action by giving Love. That only happens when we follow the great commandment to Love, your neighbor as yourself. Love is an action done in truth and deed.  

How do we do that when the world is in turmoil, chaos and such distension? We need to stand back and realize we can accept each other in the same kind of unconditional Love God showed us when He sent His son to die for everyone. We need to put others and their needs before ourselves. If not we will continue to flounder. I believe that we have been brought to this time and place for a reason. I do not know a soul who does not have time to stop and reflect on what they need to do.

Elaine Beck is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and speaker. She is motivated to unite the 240 million Christians in the United States. Beck is the Founder and CEO of Proverbs Media launching in June 2020, and the company also houses Our Action Place app (the first of its kind!) and is the publisher of the award-winning Christian News Journal (CNJ).

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