VIDEO — Americans Respond to Boy Seeking Adoption: ‘I Hope One of Y’all Pick Me’

by christiannewsjournal

KFOR News featured Jordan and his brother Braison three years ago when the two lived in separate group homes, the outlet reported Tuesday.

“Oh, we like to do anything together, like bake and karate,” Jordan said at the time.

However, Braison has since been adopted and the boys did not see each other very often, so Jordan hoped he would also find a family soon.

“If you could go anywhere, anywhere in the whole wide world where would it be?” reporter Lacey Lett asked him during an interview at a local park.

“To an adoption party for a home,” he replied.

There were currently about 9,000 children in the state’s foster care system, according to the American Adoptions website.

“Although the majority of those children will ultimately reunite with their biological family, some will not be able to achieve that goal, so their new goal will become adoption from foster care,” the site read.

When Lett asked Jordan during the interview what he wanted to be when he grew up, he told her, “A police, because they’re fun and also they protect people.”

But if Jordan were granted just three wishes, they would be “To have a family, and family, family. Those are the only wishes I have.”


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