Victoria Spartz, GOP Congresswoman-Elect in Indiana’s Fifth District: ‘God Is Our Protector and Strength’

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Many of the articles so far published about Republican Victoria Spartz’s victory in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District two weeks ago have highlighted the amounts of money spent in the very tight race—at least $15 million, according to an Associated Press account.

But most pieces haven’t mentioned the importance of faith in Spartz’s life, something the newly elected congresswoman values highly and holds dear.

As the 42-year-old politician noted ahead of the November 3 election, “God is our protector and strength. Strong values are the backbone of our constitutional republic.”

She shared those personal beliefs with iVoterGuide, a resource for American voters, in answer to a survey it distributed to thousands of candidates seeking office this fall.

Spartz also said that she “strongly agrees” with the statement that “human life begins at conception and deserves protection at every stage until natural death.”

An Orthodox Christian, Spartz immigrated to the United States from Ukraine in 2000 and has been serving as a state senator from Noblesville, Indiana, since 2017. She and her husband, Jason Spartz, have two daughters.

The conservative Spartz believes in “less government, more freedom.” She proudly calls herself “an American by choice.”

Spartz is one of 17 GOP women newly elected to the House of Representatives this year.

“Democrats had hoped to flip the Indianapolis-area seat with polls showing the race between Spartz and Christina Hale was trending away from the GOP,” as a piece in The Hill noted. But during her campaign, Spartz “railed against Democrats for what she said was an effort by the party to lurch the country to the left.” Voters clearly took note.

On her website, Spartz explains that she “work[ed] her way up from bank teller to a CPA, finance executive, and successful business owner.” Notably, Spartz also shares the following background: “Growing up in socialist-controlled Ukraine, she experienced firsthand the dark side of socialism. Living through this molded her conservative political philosophy: limited government is always better, and financial and health care decisions should be made by individuals in the free market, not [by] bureaucrats and special interests.”

In her run for office to replace the retiring Susan Brooks, Spartz was endorsed by Club for Growth, Indiana Right to Life, Maggie’s List, National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List, and many other organizations.

Spartz, who captured 50.02% of the vote (208,212 votes), beat out Democrat Christina Hale in the hard-fought race; Hale took 45.94% of the vote (191,226 votes).

Hale is a former state representative from Indianapolis and was the 2016 Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor. (A libertarian candidate, Kenneth Tucker, took 4.03% of the vote.)

Spartz received the endorsement of President Donald Trump in her congressional race. On October 31, the president shared on Twitter, “Victoria Spartz will be a terrific congresswoman for Indiana. Working with me, she will create jobs, lower taxes, deliver for our farmers, and protect and defend your Second Amendment. Victoria has my complete and total endorsement!”

In an op-ed she wrote before the election, Spartz outlined her “alternative” to Obamacare and Bidencare—plans she bluntly called “fully socialized health care.” She said Democrat health care plans are a “death to quality and innovation.”

“So, what is my alternative?” said Spartz. “I do not belong to that group of Republicans who believe our health care market was perfect before Obamacare. I personally had plenty of trouble finding affordable health insurance as a small business owner and farmer, worked very demanding jobs while being pregnant and raising two little girls to have insurance, and received a hefty bill for a minor procedure as uninsured.”  

She continued, “The ACA just put all our problems with health care on steroids and is crushing the health care market, where only large monopolies are now gaining more and more power and wealth. Witness the buying-up of community hospitals and independent practices by huge chains over the past decade or so … Congress must deliver a policy for innovative, consumer-driven, and affordable medical care with more control by patients and doctors, with better choices and value,” she added.

She added pointedly, “The choice this November is between more government control and socialism or more innovation and competition. You decide!And, if you like your Obamacare plan, you can keep your plan—although I know that we can do better!”

Clearly, thousands of voters in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District felt the same way.

Maureen Mackey is a writer and editor in the New York City area.

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